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  1. Hello! I am currently looking for a group of people to play with. I'm an experienced gamer (meaning I'm old) but I still enjoy jumping on the sticks with people. I have played through GRBP on the XB1 and am now going through it again on the PS4. My gamertag on PSN is NORSEMxN. Please have a mic and the ability to communicate. I am a combat veteran so I perform coms to dead silence or heavy breathing or being able to taste what your eating. Unfortunately, PSN is shutting down "Communities" which is where I usually find people or groups to game with. Also, if you know of a group that is adding new members, feel free to let me know as well. The size doesn't matter, just looking for structure and organization. Most of what I find on PSN is younger gamers (no hate) but they don't have the foggiest clue how to plan an op or communicate effectively.
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