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  1. Got it working, thank you very much!
  2. Hey I'm having an issue with the file, I'm getting this error message. Any idea why it might be doing that?
  3. Hey everybody, I was looking at downloading Mike Schell's Skinner off of the downloads page, but the link goes to a site that no longer has the files available. Does anybody have or know a way of being able to get my hands on it? Thanks!
  4. That would be awesome! I know I was using CS2 with an older plug-in before with no issues, but I was also on Windows 7 at the time. I’m hoping to get something working so I can pickup where I left off.
  5. Hey everybody! I’ve been modding Ghost Recon for myself for quite awhile but recently haven’t been able to. Long story short my hard drive failed and I lost photoshop and all of my files related to the mods I was working on. Anyways, I’ve recently started to get back into modding since taking a break but I’m forced to use what I can for software. I was curious if anybody had a plug-in that would work with gimp for opening and saving the RSB files. Thanks!
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