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  1. Check on a post I made: Install GR on Windows 10 with great graphics. Dgvoodoo should resolve your issues when running and AMD card with updated drivers. I run this setup on Windows 10.
  2. This might have more to do with the graphics card drivers then the windows version. Most recent drivers don't really work well anymore with DirectX 8 which is the version GR requires. So you'll need something that exposes DirectX 8 functions while still working with your graphics card. I just created a topic on running GR on Windows 10 with great graphics and audio. You might want to check it out: https://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/62626-install-gr-on-windows-10-with-great-graphics/
  3. TLDR: For graphics: dgVoodoo 2.54 (http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/); put x86 version of D3D8.dll in the game folder. For audio: DSOAL latest (http://vaporeon.io/hosted/dsoal-builds/); put all 3 files in the game folder. Full story: So this is just something to answer myself, but also other players still trying to figure out how to get GR working on Windows 10 with great graphics and audio. 1. The original installation for GR has DRM included. You can go to GOG to grab a copy of DRM-free Ghost Recon. In you don't want to buy this one but have the orig
  4. Maybe to do some clarification on the topic. Starting with Windows Vista, everything around DirectSound3D has been taken out of the operating system. Therefore you must now use software that circumvents this to bring positional audio back. So if you still want positional audio in your game you need to choose one of the 3 software options below and follow the steps to make everything work: Creative ALchemy Universal: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/28-creative-alchemy-universal/ This is sort of the Creative library itself, but with support for any soundcard. Usua
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