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  1. Ok excellent, thank you. Thats awesome to hear. Tweaking the conditions a bit could make for a good mini mod, and I'll check that out in a bit. Though how does the game save the medals and then display them in the squad selection screen? I'm curious to know how the game ends up displaying them too. I wonder if there was a way to create new ribbons or medals and code around to fit them in that box. Perhaps working in conjunction with HU, we could toss in extra ribbons to go along with the extended campaign. Purely for testing the oak leaf clusters really, and to test if my mod ide
  2. Hoping you are doing OK Apex. Sorry to hear about the Mac troubles. Looking forward to your next update to the legendary mod!
  3. I've been curious about this for a long time and I thought I'd ask you guys who are much more proficient at modding than me. Does anyone know how the soldier medals work in the game? Is there any way one could mod the conditions for achievement or even edit the tab in the soldier section. How does the game calculate which soldiers get medals at the end of a mission? Is there a way to give medals through altering a campaign save file? Hopefully its not hard coded, even so, is there a way to mess with that code? Like I said, I am not a code guy, so please go easy on me.
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