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  1. So I reinstalled the mod thinking there might be an issue with that, no such luck. In fact, after experimentation, I have come to the realisation that even the 'regular' missions don't seem to work. So out of curiosity I decided to try unmounting Heroes Unleashed to see if they function without Heroes Unleashed activated — only I have come to a little problem. My Ghost Recon is now categorically refusing to launch without HU, I had to download a mod manager to reactivate HU for it to launch, otherwise it just wouldn't budge. Haven't tried to start the PC yet, will do that in a second.
  2. I just perused through the readme, and I found no real answer to 'game crashes solely when I'm trying to play the new missions when I go to the character screen', could you be more precise? Thank you.
  3. Hello! Sorry to bother everyone, but I have a question. I don't have any mod manager of any sort or special launcher. I installed Heroes Unleashed and the main campaign seemed to contain only two actual custom missions (against rebels), but that wasn't so much a bother. However when I tried to play one of the two-hundred-fifty custom missions, I selected Mission, pressed continue — and the game just crashes to desktop. Is there some way to fix this? Thank you!
  4. A good evening to everyone — considering I am leaving for the Army soon, and my father is a gamer, I was searching for some stuff that he might enjoy playing, Ghost Recon (2001) was one of our first experiences (both) at video games, along with Red Alert 1, Age of Empires, etc. I recently discovered this mod, Heroes Unleashed, and I somewhat managed to figure it out and play a mission on Doom without casualties. However my father, who's a little more casual (but not too much) than me, had two questions that I actually kind wanted to know too, to be fair. There is no access to the 'Co
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