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  1. I like this new style! Thanks and congrats for all this!!
  2. Thank you much for your compliments. I am aware of the mod you showed me. I also played it too. The one who made that mod guided me through modding method called memory hacking. There are 3 reason I did not add side view. 1. Inevitable discrepancy btw the line of sight and the character. 2. Full support for lean postures. 3. Sudden crash of the game. I think both mod have it's own purpose. If you are looking for downloads, consult other members around here. I don't think I have it anymore..... Thanks.
  3. It's up again! thanks for your patience.
  4. It's up again! see the first post for link!
  5. Sorry mate, I shut it down temporarily. I will PM you when it's up again.
  6. Just posting to let people who are interested about this thing know that I closed the download link temporarily. Fix is done, but I haven't had time for a finishing touch. I was wondering if you guys prefer 1st person view(what I mean here is a helmet cam view). Since there is already a decent 1st person view mod made by richardG, I was thinking about the helmet cam theme, which looks similar to combat footage found on youtube. How do you guys think?
  7. Finally fixed all bugs that hindered recoil. Now, it should work properly on every PC. Will upload it ASAP.
  8. Final version here. Download: <Improvements> 1. Better camera position >> It gives better view of the character, compared to the previous version. 2. Moving camera >> Camera position moves as you look down with your mouse. This was designed to prevent overlap between the character and the reticle. 3. Visual recoil >>It was meant to shake the scree forward and back, but I think it doesn't work on other pc. 4. Manual model view hiding >> It was devised to deal with certain situation, which the model view is blocking player's sight(rarely happens when using binoculars or in CQB situation). <Instruction> >> It is basically a trainer made with cheat engine. launch the game first, and then launch the MOD. press "[" to enable TPS view, and "]" to enable moving cam and recoil. <Tips & Bugs> 1. Rarely, the camera gets stuck above the model's head. Just crouch and move mouse up and down. It will fix. 2. Press down middle mouse button to manually hide model view. <Credits> 1. Thanks RichardG for sharing knowledge about the modding and basic pointers, so that I could make such improvements. 2. Special thanks to ajitesh for warm support, and going through numerous testing. Happy new year Ghosts!
  9. Yes, at least the one I uploaded is safe. The reason your pc reads it as trojan virus is because the MOD manipulates the memory of the game directly, similar to how the trojan virus works. But it doesn't mean that my MOD is unsafe. I never added something detrimental to the system. It just changes some memory values in the ghost recon process. If you get to use trainers that are made with cheat engine, you will encounter those problems, but just by excluding it from being detected(in the window defender setting or whatever vaccine program you use) will do the job. Enjoy the MOD
  10. Two years later, I am having the same problemšŸ¤£. Too difficult for me haha. I never saw Ordonez alive yet.
  11. Visual recoil works!!! It was the Lua script that holds the key, not the assembly codes. planning to polish the camera angle and stabilize the code injection process before releasing.
  12. New demo video here!! Check out how the camera moves according to mouse movement. Sorry for the bad quality video, my laptop is not a high-end modelšŸ¤£. Demo video here.
  13. Just wanted to share my plans for the next view Mod. 1. I am thinking about visual recoil. Although it's only hypothetical and may not work, I'm planning to mimic the impact of a gunfire. 2. Since the camera is fixed, the model blocks the view in some situations(looking down or going down slope). Trying to fix it by hooking the camera position with mouse coordinates. 3. There was a feedback that moving camera to the right will give better experience. I agree. But not sure if it will work without texture clipping, and with no error. Image uploaded for better understandingšŸ˜ƒ
  14. Do you mean that you were deployed in Korea? Never thought I would find something related to Korea in this forum.
  15. Well. steam doesn't provide pad option for this game I think. I used gamepad for OGR steam version. The program I used is called X-padder. With this you can manage almost every kind of key mapping including vibration(This part I really liked) easily. It was quite difficult for me to play OGR with pads so I quit, but you should look into it. (Not a free software though. It is free as far as I know. if you really want to use gamepads, I think it will worth trying. link here
  16. I see....well but it's still great without recoil. Recently trying to make another view trainer that has better sight and exciting at the same time. Anyways.....Thanks for your reply!
  17. Think you are right. And the reason The mission never ended was because of the goal that was not in OGR. Thanks for helping. If it doesnt bother you I would like to ask few more thing. Is it possible to use model skin from cloak and dagger in Decent mod? And will it be possible to make visual recoil when firing ? Like camera shake when near explosion.
  18. Uhh...I cannot remember the name of the mission but it was 26th mission I think. Clearing the bunkers and road blocks and neutralizig vehicles,clearing the compound. The campaign..is HU campaign. I have been using this single campaign since I I only had HU. Yes i have centcom installed. Mods are in order as they should be. Could it be a problem with campaign profile? Kind of weird isn't it?
  19. I'm not sure if it's a known bug or glitch. 1. My mission never ends even after I accomplish all goals. It occurs as if I didn't finish the last goal of the mission that I have accomplished. 2. On the team selection menu, every time I click Levie(sniper), game crashes. Well, Do you have the same problem? Or...maybe there's something wrong with my campaign profile or some other files. The reason I am posting this here is that It happened after I applied the DeCENT mod. Not a complain really thoughšŸ˜€. I love the mod itself.
  20. I see. Should also try other mods you and other modders have made. Thanks for the reply.
  21. Hi JackWatcher. I am really enjoying this mod. I really appreciate your effort. I have a question. There are lot of custom mission s included right? Do i have to play manually on mission tab everytime i play? Or is it merged to the campaign? Currently i am on the HU campaign profile and going through desert siege.
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