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  1. th ohhh you are right, re watching the video you can see it gets akward in the corners, is fine i like this one better and the option to hide the model. btw where can i get some assistence installing mods i'm trying to install Blood oil and i know you just have to drop the folder of the mod in the "mods" dir, but blood oil comes with two folders "blood_oil" and "BO_Patch_1_4_b" I have to replace the content of "blood_oil" with "BO_Patch_1_4_b"? and one last question, where can I find heroes unleashed without the extras? just the mod
  2. been playing this non stop, i love it, also is there some way to have the camera on the shoulder like in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sui-ce4yorw&t=1066s
  3. hmmm the version of my copy is 1.3, it doesn't work with this version, is there any trainer that works with previous versions? nevermind, im a idiot, I can simply update it
  4. please can someone upload this mod again, mediafire download is blocked
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