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  1. Hey , If any one want to play Daily or Weekly Let us know . Lets Make a clan and play whenever possible and keep this game alive . Any one can join .
  2. I guess Ubisoft will not remaster the game. So Only way is we need to make a game like GR . I know that is not possible just saying
  3. Yeah better idea just bought from steam and dont buy from gog(It is worst)
  4. Finally uninstalled from some software. But still unable to install the problem is too complex
  5. Hello folks , I got almost 0 knowledge about Igor . Some maps are for SP or MPsolo or MP team .I want to convert them to Multiplayer coop ? So is convertion complex process or simple? If simple process explain
  6. It works perfect now . Now I can play many coop Firefight200(elite) without getting killed at insertion(As I got 4 platoons and 17 soldiers).Thank you so much wombat
  7. First I got confused of team bases word(as it is not there). What I did it I edited map recon insertion zones at a point and marked as SP/COOP base. Seems working now and How to know safe zones in a map (for insertion)?
  8. I didnt get it . I dont know what are team bases. You explained well but cant understand . Can you repeat if possible?
  9. There are many options in replays. But no way rewind back . Is there any option for that?
  10. May be silly question . I want to change the insertion zone in the coop(LAN) . I want a particular point to be insertion zone .Btw for Firefight200(HX5 gametypes) . Any help would be appreciated
  11. Thank you so much . This is what I am looking for all these days . Joining GR school soon🤩
  12. How to play the Replays(rpf files) . Is there any method to play them or Is there any method to convert them to MP4(I use win10 pro) . Btw I dont want to play them in the game .Thank you in advance
  13. I want to upgrade enemy weapons . I want to give them nice sniper rifles ,rpgs and much more.Please explain briefly
  14. Ok then for other mods maps we have to reduce fog settings in Igor or still any method?
  15. I activated the mod correctly and kept it a bottom . I was playing world war 3 mod Which had similar map to the M02 farm But that mod didnt work . I tried Mango way in the world war 3 mission it worked and enemies can see us .Thank you for replying
  16. Is there any way to remove the fog . So that I can see the enemies from far distance?I tried this mod http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=189 But It didnt reduce the fog . Is there still any other way to increase the draw distance?
  17. This one hits me My childhood... my first tactical shooter... Holy ♥♥♥♥... I remember playing this game for the first time as a kid, I think I was like 12, and while I had played shooters quite a bit and was familiar with Medal of Honor, Unreal Tournament and the like.. this game completely blew me away. I had never played a tactical realistic shooter before and how obscenely different this game played from all the shooters I was comfortable with left an impression on me to this day, and that was just the campaign with AI..which wasnt even bad. The struggle of making sure everyone in your squad stays alive lol. The AI would stalk you quietly, flank you, rush you, or even just camp a corner waiting for you to ♥♥♥♥ up. Things got way more hella serious when I played online against other people though... RIP Tom Clancy. They dont make games like they used to.
  18. Hey please continue this topic so funny and relaxing
  19. It was long ago .I didnt install the game properly from here https://archive.org/details/GhostReconGold I think I installed ghost recon and then patches. I dont remember exactly.I installed in drive E. . Then the game didnt work saying some error. It really irritated me so I deleted the game[stupidity].afterwards I tried to uninstall the application then says installation supports failed catastrophe error .Is there any way to remove this ?? . btw windows 10 pro.I generally dont play games and got poor technical knowledge.
  20. Congratulations .I Think it happened 2 days before I guess .
  21. well again nothing happened🤔 1) tried with vanilla too didnt work I didnt get delta ghosts 2)That mod says some error 3)wombat50 I played with both backup and respawns . My friend told ghost recon>data>temp>coop_avatar.toe file read only(only host need to do) It worked for him as he owns a server.I tried in lan as host didnt work(stupid thing) Thank you for replying .
  22. thank you for replying but It didnt work😅 1)die7 what I mean delta ghosts is they are allied.If we press pageup we can play as them . I installed the mod http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=257 and tried didnt work (SP & MP).There might be a procedure. IF you know you please say briefly so that a noob can understand. 2)I installed http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=792 this one too its says some error.if there is any procedure kindly post it.(SP)If possible more than 9 in MP If there is a way to extend platoon like more than 3?? I know this will differ controls and much more just asking 3)my friend told me this solution ghost recon>data>temp>coop_avatar.toe file read only(only host need to do) . It too didnt work for me as I dont have own server(my friend got . I tried in lan didnt work. Any other way without a server? IF you guys find know solution please post them in such a way that a noob like me can understand. btw I am bad at english
  23. I got some silly questions 1] How to add delta ghosts to the squad? 2] Is there any way to extend platoon(dont suggest me mods which will not work) 3]how to play with both backup and respawns?
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