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  1. Sorry for little late replies . Nice explanation Wombat 50 . We completed Brother in Arms . The mod is really good but we expected a lot more from jack57 . Some mission scripting is really intense and awesome , It took like 4 days to complete this mod . My favourite part of this mod is intros and Gators .Although there are some innovative things in Brother in Arms . I guess M08 We struggled a lot to complete it . I shot guevara leg and made his slow and also wrested him a bit to let Our guys to complete mission . It was really fun We had a good time Playing this mod . Thank you jack57 We completed Post Cards from Peru in just 2 hours on first try of every mission . Very easy mod . The quality of scripting is missing in this mod . The stoy of the mod is really cool . After Playing Saving Pilot Ryan We were amazed by his scripting It was his first mod . After playing SPR We were like His mods are tough competition to migryder mods . The story of jack57 mods are really amazing . We Also completed Gang Land mod by monolith , Nice skins and music . Now we are in Migryder Festival by mig, wombat . We completed 1 mission yesterday . Really my fav mod . I will say best campaign for coop . Parallelly we would like to Play some PvP Matches with some other Teams . I contacted CHI Clan they are ready but the problem is with the Time zones . As you all know Our Timings are in between gmt 1 pm - gmt 6pm . Still any Team who wants to play some matches Contact us. You know Our Discord Lets plan matches .
  2. Yeah offer is still open . Now we are like 6-7 players playing regularly . Our Discord server got 718 members . Server is only based on Original Ghost Recon (2001) Feel free to join us , We play in between gmt 1 -gmt pm . Our Discord - https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp
  3. Thank you all for your replies . I guess he gave up but still it will help someone out there .
  4. The objectives of the missions were not showing , It is showing completed only after Specific objective is completed . I will check once again and Let you know How it works . We finally Completed SPR Today . What a great scripting by jack57 . Managing story with the missions is really amazing . The way you can finish a mission in many different ways is mind blowing . The sounds from bird to human voice gave us much realistic experience . I admire Jack scripting because You got to think and plan to complete missions . Many of us had a great time with this mod . The way Wombat changed the environment in some missions is really treat to watch . Even though if you are unable to complete mission just see the surroundings you will be satisfied . Nvg are really clear and realistic , It would be great if we have these in HU or some mod for this nvg . Thank you so much wombat for making remastered version and helping us . If you want any helping for testing , Our pleasure to help you wombat . My friends really liked jack57 missions . Lets us know Which jack57 mods we should try next Also let us know any other great mods like this. We will add them to Our list .
  5. I replaced the file in mission 2 file and tried first I got all mission except J02 in multiplayer . So I opened the mis with igor and ticked MP Coop . Yes the mission is working great now free of crashes except one thing the mission objectives are popping after completing of objective (I completed mission in SP so I know whole mission) I might be wrong not sure . Yesterday People Enjoyed playing the mod . Generally if crashes happen people will leave But this time every though many crashes People kept playing Some played straight for 6 hours and some 8 hours in breaks(Total 7-8 players joined). They found a little fix dont shoot shadow hidden actors . Finally completed J01,J02,J03 Missions . The environment , effects used In Reprise version are a really treat to watch . Great Job wombat Thank you so much wombat for helping us We all appreciate your efforts . Take your time wombat for Right Hand's 12 week missions as we have a long list of campaigns to complete . Today very less people might join as weekday , We are continuing SPR Reprise Campaign , Join us all ip - Mods - Desert Siege , Island Thunder , Saving Private Ryan Reprise
  6. Thank you so much Wombat Yeah I forgot to tell we even played 12 weeks missions it always keeps crashing . I will let you know How it worked . Myself down today As I got exam tomorrow . Now they are playing ip -
  7. @wombat50I am unable to download these files it says unavailable. As mig festival got 30 missions first we thought of completing Saving Private Ryan reprise by jack57 and yourself and move to mig festival . I know that this mod is not designed for coop . Even though there are many crashes we are loving this mod very much . We all planned and completed first mission after like 15 attempts lol [I didnt tell them spoilers] . We tried 2nd and 3rd mission they are crashing too much [1st mission crashed just once] , Is there something to do I could do to prevent these crashes?? This Thing is common for every crash in ike.log HAL (hw vp): Intel(R) HD Graphics X8R8G8B8 RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.tga RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere. RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere. RSSoundMgrPC: Selecting sound device Speakers / Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio) driver is {}.{af97f5ac-4e0b-44dd-88be-d4013c9935a8} RSInputImpl: Could not acquire keyboardE_ACCESSDENIED RSSoundMgrPC: Selecting sound device Speakers / Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio) driver is {}.{af97f5ac-4e0b-44dd-88be-d4013c9935a8} Playing Saving Private Ryan (Old one) might be a solution but in that the missions are unlocked in elite . We need to each complete mission even in veteran to move to other missions .We really loved Saving Private Ryan Reprise(New one) The effects in it are really well made Perfect remastered of SPR . Not sure to find exact solution
  8. Yesterday , 5-6 players joined .We finished playing 8days Reloaded campaign by Right Hand . Missions are very well scripted .I guess Right Hand is the pioneer of mission scripting You can see the patroling of enemies . After finishing 8 days again we played some p2 missions really cant forget this mod . Today we will be playing migryder Festival by Wombat campaign . You too can join us at gmt 2pm .
  9. Thank you Wombat , Just Today We finished Playing P2 mod .The mod became my fav mod now . The way mig scripted the mission is really mind blowing . Every small Detail in the mod including fish to fox are very well made and perfectly placed.I like the way we have to check everything in the mission to complete objectives and I feel it is the right way every mission in GR should have . The way mig places snipers ,Tanks and spawning enemies the location you passed in missions will be a nightmare for you. I especially loved the story of the 3rd mission i guess in which helicopter is crashed , we need to rescue soldiers and blow bridge .As I increased enemy AI skill they were almost impossible to kill in cqc . I am sure the new people who joined us also got amazed and enjoyed this mod .As I have increased enemy AI skill for Original ,.expansions and frostbite I am sure these missions are toughest missions I have ever played . Next we might be playing 8Days Reloaded by Right Hand . Feel free to join us . If you guys got any Team or group We are ready to join you too. We play at gmt 2 pm .We also play any mod you want to .If more people joins it will add much more fun . Thank you mig
  10. This thread will be more like a blog maybe . Yesterday was full of crashes(4 crashes) . Some shadows of the enemies when we shoot them can lead to crash . Yeah I checked ike.log something missing in mission . So Many people lost interest to play maybe . Anyone know How to keep fixed ip without contacting ISP and for free , I tried many ways like no-ip Didn't work for me .I upgraded my router 3-4 months back so that I can host GR Multiplayer decently .My router is Zte F660 . Any help for keep ip static would be much appreciated . Now we are at 20th Mission . The Missions of P2 in my server will be lot harder than actual because I increased enemy Actor skill . I wish every mod are compactable like p2. which got coop , Teams for missions . After P2 mod , Any suggestion which mods should we try ,Which is as tough as P2 .
  11. Yesterday we played for about 4-5 hours . Now we are at 9th mission . We are improving day by day . We are using following commands S- shoot ,E - Enemies , T - Tanks , R - ready , H -hold , P - Prone , O - Objective . We tried to form these formations . We are not using mics to communicative just team chatting in game . If you guys got any strategies , idea and suggestion post it here We will try to implement them in upcoming missions . Now we are 5-6 players . You can join us at gmt 2pm .
  12. An improvement , 3-4 new players are joining daily , We are playing some tactical coop .Generally we play some stealthy gametypes in Heroes Unleashed Mod. At present we are trying to complete p2: cold blood in hell missions orderwise by mig . Now we are at 4 th mission . Mods - Desert Siege , Island Thunder , Frostbite v1.3 , P2 v1.2 , not a game P2 I recommend downloading at GR.net and fully patch them , in case links over there are broken , https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oh9shcAwdJgF6EZzZr9tY0cbGcgY7f6P We Daily play at Gmt 2pm . We play about 3 hours or more . Feel free to join us anytime or Pm me if you want to plan something .I can post ip but my ip is always changing even though I kept it static . Our Discord https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp .
  13. I will be playing some tactical Multiplayer coop daily alone. At times 1 or 2 joins . I will be trying every mod almost daily . Recently playing mod packs - Desert Siege , Island Thunder , Sniper cannon 2 v1.2 , HK Assault Special 2 ,HX5 , Blood Oil , Fogless , not a game I will also play with any mods you got or want . I recommend you downloading at gr.net , incase links are broken you can download here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oh9shcAwdJgF6EZzZr9tY0cbGcgY7f6P?usp=sharing Looking for people to join and play some Tactical coop .If not daily atleast lets plan to play weekly once or any other day . Feel free to PM me or you can contact me at discord .https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp My name [turtle] over there . I will be waiting
  14. I prefer a good 1st person view mod . I am up for testing when needed.
  15. My Recommended Mods List G Weapon from Sniper Canon2 , Hk Assualt Special 2, HX5 Are fantastic. Gametypes - Mission hx , HX5. Intense Missions - Migryder Festival ,Blood Oil. Skins - Blood Oil , HX5 Realism Mods - Fogless , Not a Game Maps - Snow maps from Frostbite ,Forest maps from Blood Oil , I also recommend adding Centcom for Desert Maps Anyone Recommend some Mods in which you have to complete missions in fully Stealth(Recon Mode) not Gametypes???
  16. He actually bought the game in steam .As it didnt work . He tried crack one which too didn't work. He is using win 10
  17. Hello everyone , One of the members in our discord server is facing some problems in starting the game. He even reinstalled so many times , also renamed dbghelp.dll to dbghelp_old.dll for steam version and also installed crack version and tried nothing worked for him .He is also unable to open ike.log file it is saying could not open file options.xml for reading using default. He even tried launching compatibility mode using admin. He says He dont get any error message the icon on the bottom comes up and then it quits . He really tried very hard to install the game but nothing worked for him. If anyone knows the solution please help him . Discord server - https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp Pc specs - i5 8th gen , 8 gb ram
  18. Really impressed by this mod .It is game changer . Still working on Island Thunder maps?
  19. Myself [Turtle] from Ghost recon Hideout Discord server . I too want to change name to not get confused . But its ok . I first played this game when I was 7 years old . I completed all missions in Original game But there was a specialist wounded in Platoon . Which I really really felt very sad back then . Back then I didn't know that there were expansions , mods and multiplayer . Again In lockdown now 18 years Old I once remember that incident curious to know which soldier was injured back then. I just remembered his gun symbol (As it is very unique). So played again and finished the game without casualties . The soldier who was injured was Nigel Tunney.😂 A neat nostalgic feature is during game selection for me .After In My second innings played many mods over 250+ in last 4 months .Started playing again just to know who was injured and getting Addicted to this game .I stopped playing other games When I started playing this one . Enjoying Multiplayer these days. Can do anything to keep this game alive . Long Live Ghost recon
  20. I myself made a mini download sections with the mods I got to post it public. Well I Didn't post public because I thought Gr.net may not get donations . I gave the link to just some close friends . In case download section goes down again It might help someone . link - https://mega.nz/folder/sfxkVSTC#K7-nnZYyCeFVy_z8Js9EGA/folder/AGQlWILS
  21. Good news Download section is working now . Thank you so much zee for uploading mods we asked .
  22. Looks great Leon . Keep going
  23. I was searching for this music from many days . Finally found it .Music by James Newton Howard takes Blood Oil mod to other Level .Which made me watch the movie Blood Diamond .I really loved the plot of Blood Oil which is similar to Blood Diamond Movie. Thank you for all modders who made this great mod.
  24. Still anyone there playing this classic?Lets plan some tournaments or something .
  25. I want to nominate many but I need to follow thread rules. Jack Wachter - Violence of Action May be he came late but Really underrated guy . Making a mod which is over 10 GB is really very hard. By playing VOA mod you can see his amazing work . I sincerely appreciate his efforts
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