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  1. Okay, that's annoying. So the only solution, with my currents setting, is to buy the game on Steam ? 

    Is it working okay on Steam ? 

    I've played GR so much for so many years, I'm feeling nostalgic right now but I don't want to buy it on Steam if it won't work lol

    Thank you

  2. Hello, 

    I reinstalled GR on my new computer the other day and after being installed, nothing happens when I launch the game. 

    I did through internet but no look so far. 

    I have the proper GR version on a CD, not a steam version. 

    If someone could help me, this would be kind :)

    Thank you !



    Windows Version : 10 Family 64bits

    CPU : 6 

    DirectX Version : 12

    GeForce GTX 1650

    Amount of System Ram : 16384 MB Ram



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