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  1. I've been playing this mod for a few days now and wow, great job. Thank you very much Apex. I'm ex military and it's by far the only game (with Arma maybe), that comes close to the real thing. Bravo.
  2. Okay, that's annoying. So the only solution, with my currents setting, is to buy the game on Steam ? Is it working okay on Steam ? I've played GR so much for so many years, I'm feeling nostalgic right now but I don't want to buy it on Steam if it won't work lol Thank you
  3. Hello, I reinstalled GR on my new computer the other day and after being installed, nothing happens when I launch the game. I did through internet but no look so far. I have the proper GR version on a CD, not a steam version. If someone could help me, this would be kind Thank you !
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