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  1. A lot of familiar names. Virus, quekel, milkman, frit0 the cheater. Don’t remember yours specifically but I’d be up to reinstall for multiplayer sometime if anyone wants to play. Also Anyone can add my XBL : vFuziioN_v2
  2. And =NCA= BigShow would cheat using IFF names. Good times. Would love if we could get a multiplayer going one day for old times
  3. Damn it’s crazy I remember a lot of the people in this thread from 15+ years ago, but can’t remember anything nowdays for the life of me. I remember I was in RRTS with lightspeed. Remember enjoi. F1uid used to always run OICW with the launcher, rifleman kit 9 I believe ? Quekel was an admin on IGS I think.Good times.anyone still playing online ? Was in clans RoD, RRTS, PoW.
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