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  1. There are still a few of us 13thEA guys around. We just got a few of us back together for a damn near 20 year reunion seeing as how everyone is stuck at home and bored out of our skulls. Grey (me), Strider, Quaker, Scooter, Tommyboy (although Tom is considered essential so he still works lol).
  2. We are here and there, Myself (Grey), Tommyboy, Strider, Quaker, Scooter, Spectre, we've stayed in contact over the years but most have faded away.
  3. We were trying to get a few of the old clan back together for a damn near 20 year reunion since we all met on UBI and played GR (back '02), most of use are in our 50's and some are pretty close. We started out as 13thPLT, then merged with Elite Assasins to form 13thEA. Remember the Rumble ladder from way way back. Played with many of the clans back then, XCAL, AOD, SoH, CDN to name a few, many more I've forgotten over the years. If you can get your old clan mates together it's a blast from the past. MP Docks, pistols only, pure gimp fest 😂 13thEA*Grey
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