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  1. Anyone could provide a guide to step by step create a mod to play HU maps in vanilla game? Is it enough only map folder in /Heroes Unleashed or are there shared files for these maps even in other folders within \Heroes Unleashed subfolders? Need clarifying about the general structure of the mods. Another doubt I have is about priority, i mean that if i have max priority on HU in game settings other maps vanish in multiplayer and I'm able to see only maps from HU, so how does it work exactly (i know that nearly the same maps are included in HU, but this was just to understand the modding system). What about missions and other map settings? Are they all included in map folder or shared with other HU subfolder?
  2. There is a small patch in Ghost Recon Gold DVD, called DS_Multiplayer_Update. I've made a query on this forum for some info and found that this patch fixes multiplayer mode in Desert Siege. Now i am reinstalling the whole game from Gold DVD, so i started installing GR, then DS, then IT. I don't know if i have to apply or not this small patch or this is included already in IT, or this fix is included in patch 1.3/1.4. So which is the right sequence to make a clean install without messing up something? Should i ignore DS_Multiplayer_Update? After Installing all 3 games i have to patch directly with 1.4 or step by step with 1.3 and then 1.4? I'm confused because i can't find documentation, i'm sorry... OT: is there also Localized version of Gold Edition different from UK/DE?
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