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  1. I just wish I had time to help or beta for you. I am a truck driver so I only have about three days per week and I have to do work on my truck, squeeze the family in and try that thing called sleep - anybody seen that before? Anyway, I sure am looking forward to this. What a great mod and concept. Reiver, may God bless your eyes and hands
  2. What ever happend to Task Force Ranger? I have been out of the mix for a while. An update would help. Thanks
  3. This is great! I have enjoyed, big time, the mod called "Downtown." This will be much better! Thanks for your work!
  4. IMHO, and only IMHO, this is the most fun I have had with my clothes on in a long time! I have been playing this map, quite literally, for months. Ever since it came out it has basically been my mainstay. The map does have it's issues, there is no arguement there. The star trek team that gets you is cold, however if you play the map enough you can learn almost exactly how to trigger the "away team" and how not to trigger the "away team." Mac, SOTO clan and I have spent hour and hours on this map, there is no doubt that it is winner. I like the "map pack" idea, too. Somebody needs to spend some time, with NMM's permission of course, working on this mod to develop it into something more amazing than it already is. Oh, and about those Delta trooper uniforms: between having the map and the uniforms, I feel like it is 1993 again. Thanks Nishi!
  5. With Skill points for the actors. If I have all 6 actors set at "Leadership" 8, will that cause my AI partner to do things in a more robust fashion? For example, if I (the primary leader on the two man team) am a full 8 and my AI partern is an 8, will he submit as best as AI knows how to because he is an 8, but he is the secodary? Will he try to pull ahead of the primary (me). Will he sit down or lay down when I am laying down? The reason I ask is this. Sometimes the AI (with both set to 8) acts strange. Would it be better to have your secondary guys set to a lower level on leadership, say a 6 or 7, or lower? What is the deal here and give me all the in's and outs please. thanks
  6. A nighttime or dusk environment would be absolutly brutal I say lets get a bunch together and darken this thing up a bit!?????
  7. I had no idea you could do that in Medal of Honor. It would make sense to have your weapon knocked out of your hand! That sounds sweet, I will have to get that game now! You have started something, you should be ashamed!
  8. I actually have a Dlink DSL router here. I have a friend who bought a computer from me, I built him one custom style, and he thought he was getting DSL soon so he had me order one because it was 50% for that weekend. I paid $60 for this bird! Anyway, he backed out of the router because he found out DSL wasn't going to be there for another year or so. So, anyway, I have a router, no hard feelings. I may just keep this one. I don't know what I want to do, but that Cisco bird is really secure and really configurable and really nice. I may just sell my Dlink and still get that Cisco. let me know if you have any problems with it so I will know what to expect.
  9. Sleeper, your saying to creat a mp game and just host it and keep it private and it will play like a sp game? is that right? That is cool! And Mr. Monkey who is insane, I agree, that would be cool. There is nothing wrong with easy!!
  10. Yyovan4, that is EXACTLY what it looks like and if your using his skins for the Delta troopers, that is how it feels. It is a really fun map. XRW, I know what you mean. It does have problems. However Nishi seems either caught up in himself and his several "abilities" or he just doesn't like people. I gather this from reading his web site. IMHO if a person wants to build maps or mods and release them to the public they should support it with email or at least a user forums worth a crapola. If they don't want the public asking questions all the time they need to do what a friend of mine in FlightSim modding does: He makes airport scenery that would rival any payware out there and NEVER releases it to anybody, because he would rather use the stuff himself and enjoy his own work than having to answer questions in email and forums all the time. Maybe somebody like Nishi needs to simply just keep his mods private if he isn't willing to support them. Nevertheless, I get a kick out of this map!
  11. Sometimes I feel frustrated by the limitation of having 6 team members while in single player mode. I don't have as much trouble with it in standard maps, but on mod maps I sometimes feel the necessity to have and extra set of guys. Has anybody looked into what it would take to double the size or at least increase the size of the group by 50%? Thanks
  12. I haven't tried the Aussie map, but I will tell you this, there are some issues with NMM's mod. Here is NMM's site. HOWEVER, this mod rocks, period. I just can't say how much I have enjoyed it. You have to work very fast and regardless of whether you like to or not, if you want to make it through with everybody alive, you have to F6 all the time. It is really a thinker.
  13. Your right about that! In Rainbow SIX, you could shoot a guys foot off and it didn't matter!
  14. I had pure H A T R E D for M08 Zebra Straw! Then I got addicted to it. I am very good at it even in elite, however to be honest with you the fighting is sooo intense at times, I really don't know how I beat the baddies any time I do beat it. It is a mirical. When that tank gets to that village it is literally the fire fight of your life. When you finally beat it, and you will, you will have allot of self-grats and pride and it will be much like having a curtian pulled back, you will see what you couldn't see before. It is really the pinnical of map design, IMHO!
  15. It may actually be an error in the game engine, but I like it!
  16. I have found myself totally intrenched into this map. Does anybody else shoot this thing up all the time too? There are some things I would like to change, but I don't know my hands from my ###### in IGOR. This map has me dreaming at night of it. Weird eh? The guys over at Project X have actually done an adjustment of this mod. The only problem with it is they call the location Beijing, N Korea But, it adds more, yes more, baddies. Believe it or not.
  17. As far as ricochets, I have been in a stairwell aiming down at the bottom of the stairs and only been about five feet from the bottom where the door is as well. The baddy walks through and I (on single shot select) shoot him one time right in the head, HOWEVER this leaves a bullet hole in the wall beside him. Kinda like it went into the subject and exit another angle, like real life. As far as pure ricoches, like going into a cement block room and having a firefight, yeah, you would have to have a 10 GHz computer to do all that
  18. Dang! You nailed it. I never opened them up to look because, well...they had the GR Stock Specialist as a name! How weird! Thanks again guys,
  19. I don't know the "unwritten" or written rules, but my hat goes off to you! I cannot stand FilePlanet and am getting very weary of dead links! When you get it online, please let me know and I will definitly put a link up on ghostrecon.org! Thanks a ton!
  20. Thank you for fighting, sir. I am too old and they wouldn't let me when I was young enough for medical reasons. I even tried three times and they caught me all three times! So, this buds for yoU!
  21. Hello all. This is actually rehashing an old subject, but we have yet to figure this out! I am trying to edit the Delta/Ranger troopers in the NMM GR 2.2 mod found at Nishi's website, the author of the mod. I can't get support there, he doesn't really respond to anything. I have gone into the folder "D:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\nmm_modv20\Actor\hero" and there is ONLY the guys and gals of GR fame. No delta troopers. I noticed, however, over in "D:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\nmm_modv20\Actor\MP Actor Files" there is what would seem to be the *.atr files for this mod. That is how it would seem, however when I edit these .atr files and start GR up to anxiously start a mission...I am back to having dumb soldiers with skill levels like a bunch right out of Boot Camp and at best Ft. Benning, GA! My Brother-in-law was a Delta, my high school friend's Uncle was in the Delta's and ran the outfit for eight years (Gen. Hue Shelton). Does the developer of this mod not understand that Delta boys are something a bit extra than your average 82nd Airborne or 1st Calv? How can we edit these actors? Your help is appreciated!
  22. Here is my 2 cents: 1) Weather, fade in fade out, like everybody else said. 2) Sunrise/set and insertion time: I should be able to select insertion time if I want to and if I spend two hours on a map (from 5 PM till 7 PM), sometimes I do , it would be nice for the sun to set and let me have to turn my NV on. 3)TELL MY PARTER TO HALT AND JUST SIT THERE! 4)"Watch my back" command. 5) Damage model: If I Shoot a rocket into an outside corner wall of a building that is three stories high and fairly small, that building should at least half way delapitdate upon itself. At least partially. Of course the broader the building the more it would take to really damage it. I am really talking about buildings like in Africa where they don't have hardly any building codes! Also, even if it is a good size sturdy building. I imagine if I take a rocket into the side of it and if there is baddies on the other side, they are toast! Cars, in real life, these metal jackets go through an engine block, but these cyber bullets can't make it though two car doors. weird! 6)Team AI: Yes I do think my parter should have the common sense enough to shoot that tank without me havign to switch over to him. They shoot baddies, why not tanks.
  23. Hey NC, My ISP is bringing DSL here within the month. They already have it up just up the road a mile or two and the box is really close, like 150 yards from the house. They are wanting everybody to buy these DSL routers that I have NEVER heard of in my life! Stupid brand names. They pay about $100 for them and are FORCING the neighborhood to shell out $350 for them, of course in three nice monthly payments. I called them about six months ago with the spec sheet in my hand on a Cisco 678 and they said THE ONLY thing they will support and answer questions on is their $350 router. I don't mind paying $350 for a Cisco or a really sweet brand namer, but they said that they wouldn't EVER SAY IF IT WOULD WORK WITH THEIR SYSTEM. Does anybody here know if there could be a problem or are they just trying to scare me into their peice of crap? Thanks
  24. Dude, how big is your hard drive(s)?
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