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  1. Patch notes released for the April 14th 2.0.3 Title update patch, the Engineer and Echelon classes are fixed amongst other things........ TU2.0.3
  2. I think the latest round of offers for extras from the Ubisoft club showing R6 emblems in the BreakPoint area show there is going to be some future crossover there too, if it will be the same girls taking another wild trip, we will have to wait and see but they were entertaining missions and hopefully todays update with Sam will be as fun as it looks.
  3. New BreakPoint Deep State Trailer...... Sam Fisher Returns! Deep State Trailer
  4. Thanks for watching and glad you agree. Hoping the Breakpoint update will make it the game it should have been from the startšŸ¤ž
  5. A retrospective review of Ghost Recon Wildlands Retrospective personal review of the Ghost Recon Wildlands game. It original promise, has it lived up to it, what's good, what's bad, where did it miss a trick and where did it smash it.....
  6. New Breakpoint Immersive Mode....... All you need to know News and updated details on the coming Immersive mode (Ghost Experience) for Ghost Recon Breakpoint if you need to know more than the trailer tells you.....
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