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  1. You're most welcome, glad it worked for you. Better, is that you could tune it to suit yourself. Now you can apply this to any mission file: o As always, work on a [renamed] copy o Change the mission name [as it appears in GR] select Edit > Mission ... and amend the Mission Name field o Confirm that there is a Company tagged as Allied (otherwise add under Misc [left-middle], double-click on Company to add, then check the Allied box o Add the Cinematic_Reset timer [under Tags...] o Add the two blocks o Test, and post if there are any problems. (Word of
  2. Just tried it, downloads fine for me - is there someone else who can help with this?
  3. First step is to try the attached mission. It is the GR first mission with a little extra code that changes how you see the death animation. If you are not familiar, copy the file into the same location as m01_caves.mis (on my pc the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\Origmiss\Mission ), run GR, select Quick Mission, and select M01 - Iron Dragon OneDay v1 Give it a try and let me know what you think. m01_caves_OneDay_v1.mis
  4. I may have a solution, but you would have to use Igor (GR Game Editor) to add a small amount of code to the mission (.MIS) file .
  5. I tried five Objectives, and GR stopped working when launching the mission. Went back to four Objectives and created another Objective [under Tags, the only way I can see to create extra objectives, noting you cannot add descriptive text there], then wrote the script to remove one of the original four [thinking a limitation maybe only having a maximum of four 'live' objectives], and replace with the extra 'Tag created' Objective. As soon as the script called that extra Objective, GR stopped working. Combining multiple requirements to satisfy one Objective is straightforward to code (ca
  6. Give this a try: https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-the-comdlg32-ocx-missing-error-on-windows/
  7. Downloaded that file plugins.zip (containing Max2Obj.dle and Obj2Max.dli) and it now works (maybe the first file was corrupted in the download, but it wouldn't open), thanks pz3. Hope to give this process a go soon(ish); am most interested in vehicles, so any hints/tips in that area would be most welcome!
  8. I just tried that and it said that the files doesn't exist. Sorry to be a pain, but can you put the file in the same location as the other videos ? (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/58345qdyma0znbi/AAAgpNmiPFJ9UGnGEM6a_Pkxa?dl=0) Many thanks.
  9. Hi pz3, Ref. Video '12 - Sending to max (1080p).mp4' (from dropbox) 3DBuzz (where, in the video, you download the .Obj plugin from) is no more, what .Obj plugin would you recommend in its place? Thanks
  10. For what it's worth, the skybox model xa02_city_sky.pob works in OGR PC. I used Mike Schell's Skinner to add some textures, the only difference was that you also have to define the DN (i.e. bottom) texture (which in OGR PC seems to use the UP texture) - not sure the utility of that, the only time I'm aware of where you can see the bottom is in Igor, if you look below the 'floor.' When reskinning the skybox, this was typical of the original config: kimk.redstorm\my documents\_gritx\_texture work\for pete\city multiplayer\skybox\xa02_city_fr.rsb don't know if there is some clue in that
  11. I opened xd05_aurora_dcm_chars.glb using 7zip, indicated the method (of compression) is LZMA:768m. Opening the file [within 7zip] results in 'Data error in [file]. File is broken.' AFAIK, this means that 7zip should be able to handle the decompression, but the file itself is corrupted. 7zip doesn't even recognise the file format of xd05_aurora.glb. They both open in a hex editor, but apart from a few lines, its meaningless to me. Noesis previews DL_xd05_shots.rsb, but can't preview DL_xd05_brfg-box.rsb. Maybe this makes some sense to one of the (many) smarter heads than me aroun
  12. Thanks Wombat - works a treat! Strange it wasn't with all the other map textures (under \Map\m11_POW_Camp), but then the vagaries of modding GR can make for a long discussion...
  13. Wombat, Am working on a mission on the POW map, and can't figure out how to 'hide' the small grass - have looked at the alpha channels in all the map's images (like M11_grass_hirez2.rsb), can't find anything relevant; added bright colours to the textures so I could spot exactly where they are applied, still nothing. Can't see any grass growing through your snow, how did you do it? Thanks
  14. You may be thinking of Operation Stabilise, which had an M1(?) retextured as a Leopard. Got my curiosity going, and found a link ( http://www.ghostrecon.net/all-news/ghost-recon/stabilise-update/ ) saying that a small update for Operation Stabilise was coming soon, featuring a 'brand new Leopard I tank' (by Streinger) but can't see where that particular update was (if at all) available.
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