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  1. Yeah I got my skill tree filled out but I stil cant use my thermal in exploration
  2. Hey is there any way that i can get my Thermal vision back in pve
  3. Just hear me out. i am not saying that they did a bad job on the game, and from what i have heard is that some places are even being sold out of the game. like i said every game has issues and it sucks but that is just the way it is especially with all-online games, but my point behind saying that is the way this game came out and the issues that it has had in just a short amount of time, the game feels rushed. I will be the first to say that i don't know much about programming in the business world, i do understand at least a little bit about production and making it a goal to make the customer happy or satisfied, what ever you want to call it. I get that while trying to make the customer happy you also got to take care of the investors, accountants, the board of directors, etc. I am also not saying that any heart did not go into making the game like i said i think that it is a great game, but i am saying that instead of making it available for the time period where only pre orders get to play, or the early release, and let everyone play on the true day that the game came out they could have really been using that time to their advantage and done a little better job on the quality inspection aspect and just double checked the little things so they are not working their butts off to try and make things better.
  4. I totally agree with that, the cap on the battle rewards is complete crap because we all have time where we can grind and time where we cant. It has turned into a reward for playing daily and not rewarding the grind.
  5. If has been made into a video game the odds are that there have been bugs in it. Breakpoint is no exception. As I have been exploring Aurora j have come across some bugs that are kinda nerve wracking after seeing all the issues wildlands had with bugs. Some of them kinda funny like other operators flying escort outside of the helicopter to the annoying ones like getting in a vehicle when trying to reload and all those in between. As I have not come across any MAJOR bugs my self, I feel that getting an early jump on the ones that are out there now would show that the devs are trying their best to keep the game bug free. Between the bugs and the inconsistencies I have seen in this game, big or small, it shows me that they were not ready to release the game. There so many little things that went through with out getting noticed like my tac 50 carrying 556 ammunition or the ghost gillie top, in the shop says available in battle rewards but in battle rewards it says one gets the gillie pants. Bottom line is that I feel they should have spent another couple of days double checking everything making sure that it is all in order. One last thing........ if I may ask them to bring back drift mechanics from wildlands that would be top notch. If any of you see anything in the game that you don't like, please share and bring them to light.
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