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  1. GR ..hmm...it was love on the first sight in 2002. But I mus admit , the geniality of the game I have figured much later , over the years when I've started to play and compare it with other stupid profit driven graphic optimized games as COD & Battlefield etc. Missing smart enemy AI, high Hardware requirements, linear inflexible story and scripting, long setup & update period, long loading times, unrealistic game-play (health recovering, to fast pace, etc) and missing possibility to create your own mods (or at least not so easy) broth me always back to GR. Finally in year 2007 I have stopped to experiment with other games, and since then on my PC you can find just one military game which I love & respect. In GR I find everything what should define high quality produced game in any sense. And the fact that community have produced so much mods, assets and we still have 7 dedicated server up & running says enough. But however all this would not be possible with out team from ghostrecon.net and all great contributors of the mods/map makers, weapons etc. Long live the King!
  2. can not wait to get it under the finger...great work Apex, keep rocking..any timeline?
  3. sure I am ..woow nice collection I need to take close look, definitive after my mod is done I would like to create at least one map, this collection will be helpful
  4. thank you Apex, I will provide at least 3-4 movies more to complete serie
  5. that would be awesome, maybe if I find time I will take look to give a try to extract them
  6. Some update on progress and why it takes now almost 10 months..and why is not finished yet (see attached script to understand a complexity, and picture of mission editor) btw. the one of idea of the mod Ghost is game-play similar to hitman games (diff approaches , various way to play...stealth, as killer) . Setting demo charges to create distraction or to kill as much as possible enemies. anndd this also one of the reason why it takes so long here is dev ins from mentioned mission and some nice features as...activation of demo charges (self-destruction mech of f18 ) , exploding flying barrels, etc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZB5DVIE_Wkx2MCjsv0aKNT9KoGfjUZ-F/view?usp=sharing landing_Mission01.txt sorrrrryyyy for BAD sound.. at least you can see some of features...I do not have energy to record now this again
  7. Hi Apex, nice that you are active again ..btw any news about HU update, are you still working on any new features? Btw I am big fan of HU tbh I host dedicated HU server 24/7 :))
  8. speedrun dude is not a human
  9. yes, me too, his work was really a masterpiece with new ideas,cool scripting and putting everything nice together
  10. Thank you Apex, well still working hard between job and work on the house, according to this tempo unf. not before end of september. Working currently on the last 2 missions (xxl maps) very complex scripting with a lot of effects, this takes ages to be done..
  11. We are still there https://discord.gg/WXfnh7e
  12. thank you for the feedback..no, unf. my knowledge in 3D max is still to limited..it is asset from Phlooks_Placeable_objects mod the phlook_c4_1.5.vcl..I did not have see it either but it looks as it is used at least in Serpentine and Spec Ops Airbourne mod..tbh still need to see/play this mods/missions
  13. Short update: 7 of 10 missions are done 4 of 5 gtf are done 2 if 5 CQB missions are done and here some dev insights showing: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13WjUkQ-mlsG7sBMcfqNAoqGXmtLGbcYX - nice para jump - f18 in action - explosions - disarming claymores - disarming explosives - snipes on the roof
  14. and 2h later \(now you see how time consuming is this mod) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dsiG6VJuQFbg7E3veor4mvpmvlSK31Bp
  15. Still working hard on the mod, here small snack from dev ins. (not final version): Heli Parachute Jump: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I4hoktBI7sXElI5s23yt635sushpCseb/view
  16. Unf. still working hard as one man team on this project and release as announced to the end of march can not happen .. but it makes a great fun...and I will keep you noticed till is not finished. Since my goal is to provide high quality mod as small sum of all the best parts in all available mods with improved complex AI and effects, with blockbuster flair I start to realize that my previous deadline was to ambitious, sorry for that..however: Current status: 6 of 10 campaign missions done 1 of 5 CQB missions done 3 of 5 gtf done some dev insights: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WdkbnUUgi2rKdyMbUsEbrMINZoQV666t https://discordapp.com/channels/253901488231940097/675881753151537162/689933334096248882 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oKu7bwuzw28LUriocdMFPhzSmH7TwNYq https://drive.google.com/open?id=15s2jb4c_zToS6exbXp0Vg3M0B_S6kO9u stay strong, stay healthy, stay at home ...and play GR
  17. After Installing all 3 games i have to patch directly with 1.4 = true
  18. @Rocky this is really good mod, maybe you can take look and add it to download section, its amazing as sixpence
  19. once you start GR you will see on main menu in right corner which version is installed, normally Steam should provide patched version, if not, then yes you will need to patch it
  20. indeed you will find enough information here in forum, an if someone can point you in proper direction ..hmmm.. that will be the last remaining map maker afaik ...join https://discord.gg/WXfnh7e an try to take contact with jmscreator
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