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  1. Done added server list and discord channel to the comment
  2. I strongly doubt that, I never saw it in any mission that hostage use his weapon (if hostage behavior is set), just tried in my own ..it does not work for me, also it does not work in P2 mod p203_walking_wolf...if any of you can recall any mission where this work, please let me know
  3. define complex? any errors you have seen or can post here? Why don't you just buy it over steam instead downloading whatever from whatever server?
  4. very nice, improvement, it is hearable, ofc. it will need personal test to recognize all the diff and details, can not wait .. .. how about shells sound ? are they complete removed?
  5. HINT: take look from sec 53 till 56 with reduced speed 0.5 to see master move
  6. it looks like intro get closer and closer to final production release :))) after 2 weeks playing around https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGKM_zHo-4xZhuuv4IMC0jNLBnKkSCq1/view?usp=sharing
  7. how about shells sound? this could be also a big improvement since they are missing if I am correct
  8. a dream, thank you Hammer...and thank you for all your great work...btw does any of heli's you have made have lights?
  9. woo, thank you for update ...it feels like Christmas is coming sooner as expected I can not wait to get it under my fingers 7) aimed rate of fire...hmm ok, my bad ...let me try to explain better ..aiming at self is happening to fast..in the fact for my felling coil control, recoil stabilization, and aiming stability is way to fast and gives unrealistic felling having super skills and weapons but also to much advantage over enemies ai opponents but also is a issue in mp or pvp. 15)removing red dots from command maps for enemies as well for vehicles, hostage position... etc..so really clean
  10. Hi Hammer, yes, but there are still lot of them...non working script parts in mission, missing textures, sounds etc
  11. We are all happy with your work so far, especially about accumulated knowledge and experience over all the years, which result is really great, and we all can learn from it (I love XTRAS folder) If I can be free to say what changes I would like to see , then is next: - increase enemy actor skill (weapon, stamina,stealth, leadership) since 0.125 vs 200 for ghosts is quite unbalanced - decrease ghosts skills (I like good soldiers but not superheroes) and bring scoring system back - remove detection of the enemies (voice alarm once enemy is near, or ghost was spotted, at least when playing just with one soldier) - Improve damage (armor) values - Enemy can use also better weapons, (in the missions) not that in 2008 Russia army had just ak47 and rpg7 for example, same for DS,IT - weapon/ammo reloading times (even in my six Y in the army I was not able to reload/replace mag of m16a1 under 4,8sec in stand, prone 5,4sec , taking from the vest, not drooping old one to the earth but back to vest..I would say in combat will be faster since you normally would drop it) take look to example of this guy which have optimum conditions need 3 sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te_HNXIxDZ8 - aimed rate of fire...for my felling need to be reduced for 50% - decrease number of the ghost weapon kits (many of the kits do not make much sense (at least the combination of it) but also it is definitely to much and probably 90% not used - add all existing or missing maps which has been ever made for GR - collect and add all customized items, vehicles, etc - create more missions with more story and diff scenarios - hd textures - replace ghosts skins (take example of jack or centcom) - improve night vision (the one from Project Novo is great) - clean cm, no enemy detection at all - increase m136 or rpg or javelin to 2 prj tbc
  12. thank you, do not forget pain of the outros
  13. currently working on end-movie of the same mission, not yet final version, since timing is bad, missing damage here and there, but close: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GJuxTVOLahI5PsFEGHwWwbndgBcBDxhv/view?usp=sharing
  14. Short update Intro of the mission: Hard landing, is done https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kClX7TZIxTVQSgkYEOpV69oTcjSDBc93/view?usp=sharing at end someone switched the lights out
  15. hmm..I would say it's definitive worth, maybe as addon
  16. at least I and @Eisenhauer would like to fix some bugs with centcom which makes me/us crazy, especial MP, and also SP
  17. they are really painful to be done, however I do parachute jump this is much easier
  18. 🙄😁 I feel your pain, for one of the missions I needed 2-3 days go get them to proper path and to keep them there
  19. single player or multiplayer? 1) http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=257 2)why is 6 not enough? you can try this maybe this works for you http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=792 3)bot backup and respawns are multiplayer only functionality, you need to run own server for that
  20. thank you for the explanation.👍 current hires folder has size of 3.65GB..maybe you can create player edition mod without unused stuff them to keep size low as well download traffic, so long they are not implemented. Dev edition is for sure interesting for mod devels, but probably it just confuse normal player. ahhh that's the reason, and not protecting intellectual property :))) I've spend hours and hours to understand your scripts, order and dependency. Sometimes with more or less luck. btw. did ever experimented with values which can be found in soaf in CmbtModl.xml: <ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor>0.500000</ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor> <RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor>0.500000</RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor> <RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment>2</RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment>-3</RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment> <EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment>-2</EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment> <EliteEnemySkillAdjustment>2</EliteEnemySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemyDelayFactor>1.250000</RecruitEnemyDelayFactor> <VeteranEnemyDelayFactor>1.050000</VeteranEnemyDelayFactor> <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> <RecruitEnemyAimFactor>1.350000</RecruitEnemyAimFactor> <EliteEnemyAimFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyAimFactor> yes please please take look to by the chance: reloading times tracers aiming but this is current the case in HU, shoooting lower leg or arm lead to kill (sorry if I was not precise enough), that's way I stated please consider to take look to damage model. I have spent many weeks testing different values and come to point that next are pretty realistic: <BallisticHeadFactor>1</BallisticHeadFactor> <BallisticChestFactor>180</BallisticChestFactor> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor0>360</BallisticArmoredChestFactor0> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor1>770</BallisticArmoredChestFactor1> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor2>1625</BallisticArmoredChestFactor2> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor3>2200</BallisticArmoredChestFactor3> <BallisticAbdomenFactor>540</BallisticAbdomenFactor> <BallisticUpperArmFactor>1000</BallisticUpperArmFactor> <BallisticLowerArmFactor>500</BallisticLowerArmFactor> <BallisticUpperLegFactor>400</BallisticUpperLegFactor> <BallisticLowerLegFactor>900</BallisticLowerLegFactor> I like your plan to bring soldier stat progression back. How about to adopt AI skills of OPFOR and any actor to higher values <Weapon>4</Weapon> <Stamina>4</Stamina> <Stealth>3</Stealth> <Leadership>4</Leadership> and not <Weapon>0.125</Weapon> <Stamina>125</Stamina> <Stealth>100</Stealth> 0.125 ..is really low..or how did you come up with that value? New maps :), multiple variants ... hundred further maps and variants..oh boy...THANK YOU I know how you feel with lot of work and less time.. I am open and willing to help you, definitely but I also understand (like myself) why you are (if that still the case) are rather lone wolf.
  21. Hi Apex, yepp, and we can wait meanwhile, since I really love HU and use it even on my dedicated server, I have some unclear points/questions or suggestions: I see also you have added high resolution rsb textures with name xl_ are they used from game engine at all? and how? Did you manage to fix bug with xxl games on xxl maps? random mission generator has from time to time bug with some ghost enemies which are just frozen tracer ammunition? I never saw that? how I have missed that..and how I can see it? weapon/ammo reloading times are for my felling not realistic.. to fast body damage model ca be improved, currently lower leg/arm shoot > kill ..maybe you can take look to general enemy realism mod damage values by chance? more variants of same maps would be great (night,dusk,rain,winter) maps from skypeghost/centcom ( I guess some of them are missing) aimed rate of fire for sniper weapons is really to high (I most admit also for other classes) Heroes Unleashed - HARDCORE" add-on? is this still an option? (maybe above points can/are already a part of?) Documentation of ADD-on's ..some of them are self-explained, but some of them def need word or two tbc..
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