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  1. ahh, default team..it's handy..yepp will use that, thank you ahh, yes..totally ignored that.thank you I do not :)..modding makes fun..just takes to much time, thank you again
  2. thank you for the feedback..yes, demo shows that many aspects are still way to unfinished and need good polishing could you please elaborate this, I do not get it right now!? yes, this will be done in end version, unf was to lazy to do that for the demo indeed, spotting distance is pain in the ass..on which maps did you faced the issues? this will be corrected please elaborate. yes, as well command maps, etc..this will be done in final version
  3. To cryptic, hard to get proper overview and right order to understand what’s going on and why, and like Jack mentioned we have different approach or expectations from mission and script probably that is the reason, I would say
  4. If you ask me: ALL ..all ever existing map + every possible env (darkmode, sunrise, rain, cloudy , sun, ..if is bigger as 20GB you can create additional download part (map package)
  5. oha, need to take look tot hat score system as well by HU, would like integrate in my mod
  6. light flare should not be underestimated especially in the darkens https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kGKaMDqzWbS7VDlWjJ8njmj_WdXRm9u0/view?usp=sharing
  7. quality work requires time, keep rocking
  8. well that's my first and last ever message on the reddit
  9. Added again, hope this one will not be removed or disappear
  10. Hmm It was there definitive, strange
  11. And one Important additional info , Officially mod will contain 10 missions , demo has just 4 , so speed run rule applies to all 10 missions <50min...whole campaign to be done (last time I saw speed run movie on OGR was < 30min, second < 60min and OGR has 16 missions) so let’s see how it looks in next months once remaining one are finalized you can expect more surprises as I would like to mention now
  12. Exact my opinion, GR need to be revived and we need newer gamers, modders and map makers, but also all great work of others should be honored much more and be brought back to gamers. Thank you for the suggestion, this is definitely welcome, and once is so far we will find together some prize model which will be attractive to the community .
  13. Please send me your replays by the chance, this could be big help for the future development and progress to production release
  14. siren rocks while custom game is calling purge ..btw playing music can be stooped by short pressing to "esc" button
  15. nothing where possible without your help and others, so thank you again
  16. @Rocky once official release is out (this could take a bit longer) I would make official read-me file, and I will thank to all other by the name dev and modders, and promote all used items and give info from where are they coming..to thank and promote they great work and this great game. However 500eur for the first speed runner under 50min once official release is out was not a joke and I would like that you help me here out to organize this (I would send you money) , and this should end by the winner once his replay, and video is confirmed to be valid..any toughs?
  17. OKAY..fixed...I am sorry for bad start..issue was not produced on purpose by myself but by another mod which have copied files to mp2 which I was not aware and have used them..sure , then they was missing by original game...lesson learned: have multiple installations for test, dev and rollout to public...and test , test, test. Please delete the previous version and download new version of demo the ghost - demo-version 1.5 from here or origin link above and do read text above: in nutshell In Mission Hard Landing...max team size =3 In Missions : Zigic, Escape, Jajce..max team size = 1 beside of mission Escape, quick save does not work I would like to thank: wombat50, trutle, Eisenhauer and Jack for testing and support
  18. upss it looks like I need more time to fix this ...currently on new installed GR i get ctd..not sure why..so please DO NOT DOWNLOAD till is not fixed
  19. never :)) thank you for testing..tbh I did not invents to much time into ..since you know..it works on my pc ..but I will test it right now...yepp I made replay and save game since I have tested again...my bad...will fix it soon
  20. Dear GR fans, here we go after 10 months hard work , here is with first demo of The Ghost, mod which is made to thank to all great ppl, players and especially modders in our community. Since this is just demo version I will skip for now copyrights, mentions etc..this will follow in official release and none will be forgotten (I hope). The Ghost stands for hardcore action mod with a lot of effects, intro/outro movies and aggressive game-play. You will love it... you will hate it..however it will not be easy. It requires Desert Siege and Island Thunder to be activated. Once activated please restart the game to assure that everything is loaded properly In the current demo you will find small single player campaign which contains : 4 hard core missions 2 gft (custom games) firefight with some additional stuff Mission 1: Hard Landing Objectives: Locate & destroy enemy AA Search and rescue survivors Your team size: max 3 member(s) Recommendation: take demo charges OR rockets (m136 or sim) FDA (friendly developer advise): stay calm,hold your breath , aim..shoot..repeat Known bugs: quick-save game does not work properly..better do not use it Mission 2: Zigic Objectives: Locate and execute Zigic Your team size: max 1 member(s) Recommendation: do not take loud weapons with you FDA (friendly developer advise): you have higher chances to survive if you move..move fast Known bugs: quick-save game does not work properly..better do not use it Mission 3: Escape Objectives: Escape from caves and get to extraction zone Recommendation: take look around you...they could be everywhere FDA (friendly developer advise): you have higher chances to survive if you move slow Your team size: max 1 member(s) Known bugs: none afaik Mission 4: Jajce Objectives: Locate and disarm charges Kill them all Your team size: max 1 member(s) Recommendation: take beer..you will need it FDA (friendly developer advise): you have higher chances to survive if you ..WELLL...shoot fast (especially in the first seconds of the missions) You will hate this one..I know..me too.. Known bugs: quick-save game does not work properly..better do not use it..WHY? well.. I know you are not someone who use quick-save...you are using!?..well forget it..in the mission 1, 2 and 4 will not work it since engine sucks once the actors are teleported to places (rooms) which have no floor..SORRY...don not blame me ..and I will not fix it...I am even thinking about to build it as function to every mission since in the once official release is done I will set the price of 500eur for the first who made speed run of whole campaign < 50min Download link of the mod is here , unpack with 7-zip enjoy...now is vacation time
  21. @Rocky @wombat50 I would like to release first demo version of the mod..where would be the best place to store it (it's about 5.4GB)?
  22. Short Update: 8th mission looks to be done, starting with polishing the intro This is first as far I know proper made (relighting ..puhhh... around 20hours) dark mode of the map caves..you will love it, you will learn to fear it take look to intro: link corrected https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H6viRaZHbQK9qVpSiScuADbpi48g53Dv/view
  23. I hope you have good time, now back to business ..my vacation start in 4 days same as modding break
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