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  1. what means that for the users, are also our passwords stolen?
  2. any hint, link to this..since I will start soon to work/learn to create maps
  3. very nice mod, main menu is a really cool, one of the best I saw, also music , just perfect..winter maps, skyboxes ..big respect Scripting..oOooO yeaaahh Jack57 grand master at work ...very hard missions with a lot of high level scripting, nice story...THANK YOU Jack57 and especially you mr.Wombat50
  4. As in Black Needle? A damn good work, hope you will continue
  5. ok, vacation is over..scripting can continue ..working now on inGame movies
  6. my own mod, after that I would maybe have time but actually I have planed to work on 3d max and create levels
  7. I am not a profi but I can do some things there
  8. if you would provide HowTo I would to co-work on that I have decent HW which could speed things up..at least I would learn something new
  9. any chance for demonstration of the pre/after re-texturing
  10. It would be great, I could imagine having compressed textures on the server and non-compressed on game pc
  11. Of content which is also In use and not for tracking, archiving or future mod development?
  12. is this your private PC or from the company? Do you have admin rights? if from the company please let this be fixed by your sysadmin. RAM failing: NO..RAM banks are running or not , even if they start to be broken they do not cause high usage If your RAM usage is 98% and you can not identify process which is causing then this is : a) you do not see process since you do not have admin rights and you can not see all of them or b) process is hidden and it's likely a virus... webroot is bad as (or good as windows defender)..try to temporarily (one shoot) uninstall webroot, reboot and see if the issue with RAM happens again (not that this is done by some regular antivirus check)
  13. here are two ways explained https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001762.htm
  14. Under which mode (compatibility) , win xp, did you try win10?
  15. Orig.game with extensions has 1.7GB where are this 48GB coming
  16. @wombat50 excellent work, looks really amazing ..was not aware that we have such nice skybox's...btw. you are probably aware of http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=246 and http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=952 maybe there you can find something or it can save you time
  17. which application are you using for texture up-scaling?
  18. Still I would vote for P2 for the concept and scripting just excellent ,and the zapad for movie scenes and idea
  19. Maybe you can find movie of mod P2 where this mission/map or from mod zapad much better is presented
  20. Farm is my favorite map, and when I see original and how bad is mission scripted, as well how unrealistic is the whole campaign It motivates me even more to work on my mod
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