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  1. good hint, this is true in mission 4 works, need to understand why..thank you
  2. any news? How can I order DVD or usb stick with all the mods, sure is sure..
  3. Here some short Igor editor movie as last part which deals with dynamic weather. In this movie you will see : Rain change dir - rain, wind, fog, change directions every 30 sec Fog changes distance - fog will be reduced from fog far 60m till up fog far 120m - Max Spot will be increased from 80 to 140m and opposite - fog will be increased from fog far 120m till up fog far 60m - Max Spot will be reduced from 140 to 80m Night falls once the fog is on 60m and max Spot on 80, night falls part will start and it will change color of the fog (get darker all colors - 41) and fog will be increasing from 60 to 21m short version movie devel version movie dynamic_weather_inifinitive_reduce-inc_fog_night_falls.txt
  4. ground control to Hana...if you are alive please release this
  5. the files which you have uploaded are unavailable, can you add them again or upload somewhere else
  6. today I got question in discord channel how I can incr/dcr fog and max spot distance continuously since the above lab(example) will run just once (it will move fog far the till does not reach 120m, and it will reduce it again back to 60m) after that it will stop Now to run that infinitive increasing to 120 and then lowering to 60 then increasing to 120 and so on ...you need to adopt you routine, and you need to reset the values of fog-far (in this case Lightnes and Darknes) .. basically I was even able also to reduce code...so thank you for asking this.... working solution example is attached dynamic_weather_inifinitive.txt
  7. Here some short Igor editor movie how to get dynamic weather conditions (rain direction change, fog reduced/increased, max spot distance inc/dcr) this should even more improve the game immersion https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tbhapnVkbFpQV8YqRsW5jFOE3yiSyd5o/view?usp=sharing dynamic_weather.txt
  8. Here some short Igor editor movie how to get Napalm attack in loop https://drive.google.com/file/d/15DASoPgURVa2eLSAXzzeHfCB5Tp191EG/view?usp=sharing improved version with debris..however I recommend to increase random int 2X more as you have effects in my case 5 effects it will be low 1 high 10 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I-havB2j8VLL7eNy9SgFYfUmFjFXHin0/view?usp=sharing Napalm_run.txt
  9. you can count on me
  10. not sure if that is the case .glb is a 3D file format and can not be extracted by any common archive tools aka zip,rar etc. I assume this was exported by 3d max as .glb file, but I hope since .env file speaks about .map files that there must be a way to get around it..and that .glb was just a wraper Here are some interesting info's
  11. that would be great thing...we just need to understand how, and if this is possible
  12. thank you both, unf. this is everything which is available , would like to see it more
  13. thank you... damn I see 3 maps which I have never seen in GR: City Blocks Ruins Mines I see in env files that .map are addressed (xa06_mines\xa06_mines.map<), so I assume glb is just a archive, there must be a way to extract them
  14. any eta when download will be available?
  15. does anyone still has this version? in regular tpwv 3rd b does not work for me, I would like to have left and right side views
  16. Ahhh, in the dropbox 🤪🤪🤪, sorry , and thank you
  17. any chance your previous work which was here mentioned and linked is still available ?
  18. many of us are playing regularly check and join us on https://discord.gg/WXfnh7e
  19. Short update: currently working on ingame movies, and quality check of escape, as well zigic..last action point was geting drone in mission zigic working..puhhhhhh after 3 days of hard work on the drone simulation, with tons and tons effects, and hours and hours polishing and testing I am one step nearer ...at least nearer as before ...(still not finished) but will it will be in next days..here some preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oMw7CW42QZy8QwkidzlzdMj2-jyGDmhj/view?usp=sharing
  20. Here some short Igor editor movie how to get drones (or remote explosions or what ever) in use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f4ZnstU_ec6VGOYVzNgEzgac9EMhzt60/view and attached is the script part which shows how was it made in detail drone_tutorial.txt and here almost final version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oMw7CW42QZy8QwkidzlzdMj2-jyGDmhj/view
  21. glad the things are now sorted out, thank you
  22. short dev insights ..playing with drone (well not exactly the drone but a10..well not exactly a10 but ..mini a10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AMADJGrlDGLb3rQHbHrP8i5Z5IHn6A85/view?usp=sharing
  23. I can hardly find any ..currently beside of the work on the mod the Ghost, I've started to learn 3ds max , and my goal is to create map(s) as well some items. I see we have a lot of the custom maps, lot of customized object, but do we have also sources of them. I have found some of them, just curious if there are more, so I can take look and learn more about modeling.
  24. This will improve in final release, in many aspects..for now demo shows the AI strength in full beauty:) and some new script approaches as well many great custom objects..however I was able to finish all missions as one man army after ..let’s say 20-30 try’s
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