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  1. yes, I see now, will do, thank you for feedback
  2. and after 11 hours of fine adjustment work final intro looks like here
  3. new mission , new intro This mission will be awesome, full of effects, air-strikes and CQB
  4. thank you @Eisenhauer, this is great work
  5. It's never to late to play GR :)..btw. GR is one of most modded games ever..you are also welcome to join our discord channel and to play on our dedicated servers
  6. thank you Rocky
  7. Dears, happy to announce and publish new version of the mod THE GHOST (demo version 2.0) with 7 missions full of action and surprises (see download link bellow) Developer notices and hints: 1. Mission Hard Landing choose up to 3 soldiers for this mission Once in the reach of the F18 remote destroying mech (you will hear sensor sound), use command mode to activate it (tab ) You can also set demo charges on barrels, or jeep to create confusion 2 Mission Zigic choose up to 3 soldiers for this mission Safe zones for air strike activation zones are: ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ECHO..once you are in the zone you can call for air-strike by setting a way point on the map this one is my personal favorite! Dynamical weather conditions, fog, night fall and many more.. 3. Mission Escape choose max 1 soldier for this mission Go to X-RAY to call for air-strike (call it with flare rocket ) 4. Mission Jajce choose max 1 soldier for this mission Be quick by the landing...the guy with rpg is not your friend 5. Mission Srebrenica choose max 1 soldier for this mission Call a air-strike, or set a charge by the car garage, don't run...running is not healthy in this mission 6. Mission Legija choose max 1 soldier for this mission do not raise alarm before Legija is not arrived with boat, move slow, have eyes opened and neutralize enemies without too much noise 7. Mission Karadzic choose max 1 soldier for this mission use bad weather conditions to move..move slow ToDO I have still 3 missions to produce, they are now in the progress but still will need a lot of the time and energy. Bug-fixing (yeah there will be one or two) Quality improvement final beta release step 2 and 3 final public release I hope this can be done in this year (hope never dies) download from here enjoy die7 P.S know issues or bugs (by design of games at self ...game saves or quick saves will not work, do not use it..it will kill the game)
  8. Yes server overview is here dedicated HU server is die7. We have also discord channel Ghost Recon Hideout here
  9. You are probably referring to Phlooks_Placeable_objects, take look to Placeables V1 Guide.pdf you will find all Info's..but indeed some of objects you need to teleport, some of them have fixed Heights
  10. it does, I teleport my player in some mission on houses, hills etc
  11. Yes, well it's simple matter of scripting using Igor.exe (GR editor), one of responses which can be used at end of mission is arAwardDecoration (Actor,Platoon,Team) then you chose proper medal.. yes, condition can be scripted..for example ..all objective successful, no wounded or lost soldiers > Purple Heart ...or just player survived the mission (Medal of Honor) it does not, this is matter of scriptwriter of the mission why would you?
  12. I applied patch to gr.exe now I 4GB RAM can be used instead of 2GB (this will work just for Windows 10) User's system configuration CPU: GenuineIntel 2710 MHz Recent Intel RAM: 4096 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows NT Family 6.2 build 9200 Take it from here
  13. work on mod the ghost never stops Some updates: Mission Zigic (real person sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment) got massive updates: dynamic weather (fog reduces/increases, rain & wind changing direction's, night fall) napalm run (random multiple explosions & derbies drone attack (use UI to call the drone) Mission Srebrenica (Serbian butchers killed 8.000 Bosniaks) Improved intro with fast rope, and improved airstrikes
  14. There is reverb, I can hear it 1) reverb is implemented and you hear it especially in sound zones for the ppl which are familiar with Igor editor , take look to sound part of each zone you will see presets like: GENERIC PADDEDCELL ROOM BATHROOM LIVINGROOM STONEROOM AUDITORIUM CONCERTHALL CAVE ARENA HANGAR CARPETEDHALLWAY HALLWAY STONECORRIDOR ALLEY FOREST CITY MOUNTAINS QUARRY PLAIN PARKINGLOT SEWERPIPE UNDERWATER So once you are in and moving in any of them you should hear it but also on the movie above sec 33-38 you can hear echo of shots
  15. 1. Check Ike.log to confirm eax 2.0 is supported and loaded 2.did you made also registry entries? 3. To really feel 3D sound you should use headphones or 5.1 or 7.1 box system ..I prefer headphones a good stereo headphones are sufficient since all sound techniques for virtual surround (eax,atmos,sonic) are even today better on decent stereo headphones as any 7.1 money robbery phones. 4. Once it’s working you will feel diff (maybe even on laptop)
  16. no, its every card..more info you will find here and once working should sound like here
  17. yepp, can confirm ..ppl do not forget to enable eax1 = true eax2 = true in dsound.ini..it and eax in sound config of the game..it just rocks..awesome, thank you Apex
  18. well you can also try to adopt in .vcl file next values to get it better under control <Acceleration>6</Acceleration> <Deacceleration>6</Deacceleration> <TopSpeed>69</TopSpeed> <TurningSpeed>8.436332</TurningSpeed>
  19. @RussiaGhostthis is unf the fact, it takes a lot of effort to get them to do what they should, trial & error..good luck
  20. Yes, you can call for strike , currently on fixed targets, next step on any psst spoileralarm
  21. no and yes, it takes a lot of effort it is like it is true no thank you
  22. you will get this error in ike.log every-time you destroy some vehicle which has no destruction animation standard bhawk does not have any animation, once destroyed it just continues to fly, but the rotors becoming quiet. in HX4/5 there is drag_bhawk-crashed.vcl , this is indeed separated bhawk crashed model, which has animation...but there is no any black-hawk,zodiac,zebra which fly's, get destroyed and you get cinematic destruction animation. The only which it has afaik (but it very ugly as model and animation is also more as ugly is drag_apache model you can see it here) However you can try to script it and to replace normal bhawk with destroyed one..it has take me just 40 hours take look here (set speed to 0.5 from sec 50-57)
  23. Sure it can be, make enough zones, once player is in the zone a either trigger plan with path or teleport enemy to that zone or in the near
  24. @RussiaGhost I know how to set hostage behavior, this is nobrainer..the issue is following: as long on the beginning of the mission hostage has no weapon , once get secured and get the weapon he will not fire, just follow. To get hostage to follow and to fire the weapon it was needed to set HostageActorOff before he get the weapon, then to set it again to hostage behavior back, additional plan need to exist with alerts, roe (suppress)
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