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  1. Thanks jack! but all tutorial seems no longer available
  2. very nice jack ! love to see some weapons with dark earth scheme, the old M4 armoury mod is the closest authentic two tone camo made for GR which tan spray black that use by many ODA,SFG members in early 2002, just too bad it's low model or maybe need a reskin too.
  3. Hi jack thanks for your reply..well too bad we dont have them yet, if GR tools about 3D modeling is the same way like the old operation flashpoint using O2 tools, it would be easier for me just by moving the scope from one another to another. btw may i know who's the creator of M14 EBR with specter DR in your VOA mods jack?
  4. hello guys, im new here...im looking for M4 and Scar with Specter DR or T1 micro optics..is it available somewhere? i've seen M14 EBR with specter in VOA mods but still missing this M4 & Scar version with that optics. any help would appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. hi jack, i love your works! btw can we have some combat shirt version from gen1 AC multicam to gen2 also AOR1 and AOR2. and woodland combat shirt gen3. would love to see them as we dont have this version yet. with long sleeve and short version maybe. Thanks for all your works jack!
  6. Hello guys, im new here but not new with good oldies GR. Im here seeking for GR2 summit strike or PS2 version skins (not AW) and might be someone willing to share those skins for me. i think i've seen pics with GR2 character in GR1 somewhere andwhat i like is the character using the old Paraclete and Spears vest system. i would be so happy to have it Thanks guys!
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