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  1. So I have played it too and my opinion is split. Ubisoft did a great job in modeling the world and I have to say, for a beta it's pretty neat. The new Loadout and Customization pages are way better than Wildlands but it needs some time to get used to them. The only negative part is that it's more complicated to put skins etc on ur weapon. The weapon and player customization itslef is amazing. Ubisoft really listened to their community. Boots can be tucked in or not, helmets look much more realistic and the collection of vests and plate carriers is really great doe what I could see in the beta. I hope there will be even more choices. Regarding the story I have mixed feelings, even though it's a beta, dialogues seem "cold", characters are talking to each other without any seeming connection, which in my opinion affects the story and how it is perceived. And yet, what I saw from the story seems interesting, but if it's better than Wildlands, I dont know. One of the biggest aspects of Ghost Recon is for sure the open world. Many have questioned the decision if Drones were a good idea and I liked them, even though originally they do not belong to the ghos recon franchise they way Ubisoft displayed it this time. If u find week spots, drones can be taken down with a bit time. My biggest concern however is the new loot mechanic. I have to say, it's pretty easy to get good looking loot. After 4 hours, I already had 2 Crye Precision low profile plate carriers, a Fast Helmet and various other food looking items and yet, it is to a certain extent annoying to always find gear which is better than the gear you found before. My concern is that u will have duplicates of weapons and gear quite often. If Ubisoft will work on that, it could get better. Last but not least I have to mention that I am disappointed with one thing. The sounds of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. A lot sounds similar to Ghost Recon Wildlands and I dont want to hear the exact same sounds as in Wildlands, that definelty needs some rework. To sum it up, I am happy with the Beta, even though I have some concerns, I am surprised how well the game is made. I am curious how the final game will look like and what Ubisoft will change.
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