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  1. Some MP Screens from Various Games. BlackHawk Cockpit Ger Riding on planks on a MH-6 A Cammed up Viper going into Battle Delta Operator with a SPR XDF Zoli with LAW and M4A1 ACOG Bunch of Players in Dek's RLM Mission A Group of 8 players during respite in Dek's Mission Guys Striking a pose Another Shot of 7 of the Players.. Dan, Dekela, Fudge?, RJ, Chook, Duggy, KB?, ??
  2. Got a e-mail from Ole Mate Jeffrey yesterday- checked to see whats been keeping him from being online.
  3. Some More MP Screenies:- Two Troopers in back of Borrowed Mil8 Hip Sniper, Delta Trooper and Marine in back as well During a Sniper Overwatch mission played some eye spy...I spy something beginning with C Rangers in Hummers coming to pick up the SF Sniper Team EricJ as our CQB Trainer.. SF team overlooking OPFOR Town.
  4. Nice Pics Cole. Always quality pics from yourself Some more Mp Screenies:- A T-55 About to have a bad day via RPG from Delta Dekela on a .50 Hummer as Delta. And some Phrog Ops Dan, Dekela and myself ran:- WK these are for you... A Phrog with it all hanging out Dek's Overhead with his CH-46 Dek's Inbound for Landing Dek's and Dan Line Astern Formation Series of Screenies of Dek's Showing us his Phrog Flyin Skills...with Power Lines. Front Half Through Half way... Dek's is through Phrog on Ground Nice profile Shot of a CH46 CH46 Low Level Another Shot..
  5. Couple More MP Screenies. Where are we? 3D View of the Lost LRPV Cambo Sticking his head out of an ASLAV-25- Driver Slot Ger Gunning in ASLAV-25
  6. Some More Mp Screenies:- In Cover Awaiting Extract in a Hot LZ CSHAG On Patrol with "Borrowed" Vehicles Desert Ops in SASR LRPV with RE Nice Overhead view of a Kitted out LRPV The Duggy Mobile- Another Borrowed Vehicle....Note Units Mainly BAS SF2 A nice drive through Desert CSHAG Style.. SASR Trooper DPCU At Start of Mission with M4A5/203
  7. More MP Screenies Closest to OPFOR Sniper ur likely to get in a Viper Mission D Boy in Desert MH-6 Insertion
  8. Yea I know mate, just wanting to show what you can do when u can see that far away...
  9. During some a quick mission i recorded the mission with After Action Review 3.0. Here are some screenies from the playback. Both 3D and 2D map views and some 3D with Map view as well. AAR3 Map View of Battle Contact has started F89 Gunner Scores on a target This guy on recieving end of a SPR. M1 Tank on Patrol Another Victim Map view of shots Edit:- Me Being a bit of a smarty Pants with the AW-50. I have seen people in VBS1 shoot further than this as well. Warming up Getting Warmer Reach out and touch someone For GR Snipers
  10. A few More Mp Screenies. Emfour aka Jamie as RAR Soldier with Steyr/203 RAR Minimi Gunner- Taking firing Possie Viper with His Mag58 RAR Units- Ger, Emfour, Aragon etc OPFOR Owned
  11. Use only Auto Correct and some sharpen to get it as closer to as i see it. And no mate wasn't dusk at all for that mission... Some MP Screenies from Tonights Games. Internal Shot of AH-1Z Approaching Coastline Nice view of Looming Mountains- Note Reflection in water Nice Day for Flying Flying up the Valley Duggy Crosses Bridge with M1A1 AIM-D Duggy in his M1 Zebb Up Close... Zebb Got confused with his Binos and NVG's...
  12. More MP Screenies SASR Troopers in distance Move in on OPFOR Controlled Village Duggy Flanking Right on High Ground Hawk and Shotgun Borrowing a Mil-24 Hind Hawk Flying, Shotgun on Gunner SightSeer On his way with another Hind Viper Sneaking up on OPFOR Camp
  13. Looks like a SR-71 on Okinawa?? JP-8 Fuel??
  14. For all you Fighter Jet/ Attack Jet and Attack Helo Fans- Tonne of Videos for you all. Fast Jet Aircraft and Helo Videos
  15. Some Mp Screenies from RE Games, Pave Low's Server and XDF Server ASLAV-25's Line Abreast For Gunnery Training Machine Gun Post About to have a bad day EJ Inspects the Crashed Huey Mellis was flying and Foxhound slumped as the Gunner Inserting with RE. Mac, Snowfella, Hawk, Bird, Sightseer, Chook, Lilgun. Paves Vehicle Warning - also should have included Do Not overtake... Dekela, Azza and Dan Inserting in back of 5 Tonne Truck. Sart Driving an Landrover SASR Troopers in back of LRPV
  16. Happy B'Day (In Aussie time Zone) Zjj...Many happy returns. Life begins at 40 apparently. And thanks for my Birthday wishes from the GR.Net People.
  17. Parvus made a great screenie of Dean's latest missions Support Freya here it is Parvus Screen
  18. Good to see what BIA/BIS have worked on in VBS1 and enhanced will be used in the next gen shooters. Good stuff indeed. Amd good to see whats promising to be the most realistic mil sim/game...
  19. The Project due out in 2006- The Ultimate Game looks and sounds very promising indeed. Should really add to the community and i'd imagine quite a few of the current GR Fans will migrate over to it when it's released.
  20. Some Screens from XDF, CSHAG, WTE etc Last Night Viper Gunner in ASLAV-25 Cambo Commander in ASLAV-25 INF Section Delpoying around Mog Truck- Dekela, Duggy, Chook, Dan, KB, Oosh Screens lost in Hack Chook and others in cargo area of CH47 Chook Cambo in M1A1 AIM-D Covering Bridge M1A1 AIM-D - Heavy Metal Blackhawk Coming in for Hot Extract in Dekelas Mission Tiger ARH Covering Extract Mac Covering Likely Enemy Approcahes with his SPR Dekela Manning a .50 on an LRPV Delta Operators Covering their Arcs Dan Manning TOW Hummer And again for WK...the CH-46 "Phrog" CH46 CH46-1 CH46-2 CH46-3 CH46-4 And WK some screens from ThirtyG of USMC Helo's CH46 the Phrog CH53 UH-1N UH-1Y
  21. Still very very very Can't wait to get in there...
  22. Zebb is referring to. Fabio Hair... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/Bas...IraqLPRV-06.jpg Please link to large pics. Keep large pics to the Picture Thread and the Wikid Photo thread. Thanks.
  23. Haven't read it, but heard about it- Deals mainly with Delta (CAG), DEVGRU etc and includes other units like SASR, Brit SAS, JTF-2. Got this quote from an Aussie site. But illustrates some of the subject matter. Guess someone like HF would be good person to ask if he's read through it.
  24. Yeah great Book Has Sections covering a lot of US Special Forces Ops- By that I mean Green Bereta. Nam Panama Gulf War 91 Somailia -Prior to Task Force Ranger Bosnia Kosovo Ghan and Iraq. Coverage on Ghan and Iraq is worth it. Esp Iraq - Western Desert Ops (really well covered- had heard a bit about SASR ops there- first real explanation of US SFG ops), Northern iraq Ops with Persh Maga and also Southern Iraq.
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