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  1. Originally only for Military use in the Pre 1.90 Build. VBS1 is a total new and updated product over the original VBS (i.e a Militarised OFP). There's a fairly large portion of the longer term members of GR Net Regulars with this product. Off the top of me head there's about 5 or 6 groups/ clans/ teams that frquent this site with VBS1 and a heap of individuals as well. MP wise it rocks for realism and some of the stuff thats apparently on the way out....
  2. Could the following people if they haven't already done so contact myself or Basil (From VBS Resouces) or go to CSHAG/RE site... 2nd Ranger ADuke . Argyll Azza blacky brain cambo CanadianTerror Crowman DeanJP1 dekela deleyt Dugite en4rcment EricJ Force_Recon Foxhound Hatchetforce LilGun Marauder Mellis navy NightCrawler Oosh Para para-trooper Pave_Low rjgat Sabre Sart SelectThis Shotgun Sightseer Silentnight SnowFella Stewy Suicide Commando Tamie thirty TRIGGER T_1 Viper Vortrog Warbird WardenMac Warhawk Whisper_44 WP33 WTE_Chook Zato Zebb
  3. Combined Delta and SASR Team Inserting Via LRPVS SASR Team Moves into Assault Possies- Note Cammed Up SR-98
  4. On TE TS with Thirty, Dekela, Sabre, Duggy etc
  5. A Screenie from a Viper Mission Dekela and I take cover behind a car while clearing an OPFOR Held Town in Ghan
  6. On TE TS Right now with Mellis and T if any of u lot wanna jump on?
  7. Ive never seen an aus styr with that much fruit before What unit is it gordo? VII - 7, 7 RAR?? ← Hey Dan the Seven refers to SECDET 7. They have all the gucci kit as does AMTG. As far as AATTI there are a lot of guys from WA training cadre there as part of the training teams.
  8. Some Pics from ADF Forces Deployed in Iraq. Range Time:- Supressed SR-98 Pistol Drills Rocking with the Steyr Battle Pairs Drills with Steyr
  9. Some Mp Screenies from last week or so:- Dekela reaching out and touching some OFPOR Dekela running about as US SFG Duggy Flying a CH-47D on a mission MRH-90 Co Pilot CH47D kicking up a tonne of Dust
  10. Some People Just never Learn:- Case in Point Uni Lecturer MONTGOMERY James Alwyn Top Listed Case Cases Aussie Site
  11. AGain Aussie Slant but Tim Page covered US Troops, SF etc.. ANZ&D Aussies in Nam 1RAR 65
  12. Pics etc- obvious Aussie Slant but also details some USN and RN Ops. ANZ&D CDT
  13. I'll be about from 302300UTC if anyone is up for a game??
  14. Poms didn't do so well....Glenn McGrath- well done that man....
  15. Coffs Harbour Port Macquarie Byron bay Good Site here mate http://www.holidaycoast.net.au/
  16. Some Mp Screenies from Tuesday Night- Viper, Dekela, Duggy, Coleman, KB, Sabre and Myself all had a blast after a break due to work commitments etc. Duggy Maori War Paint Duggy War Paint KB's Face Lift Delta on a .50
  17. As in AAR's from ADF Units using it?
  18. Congrats on completing staff colllege mate. And good to see Gr.Net ain't blocked anymore for ya had it happen at my work here and there. Good news re Cannucks sending a TF out to work in Ghan. And indeed be good to see the lads working together. And yeah as Dan said VBS1 and more VBS, hope to see u there soon mate
  19. Obv for Australian or British Slant, But still it's fitting. On a related note in relation to Operations in Ghan. The ADF are sending a whole SASR SQN into Ghan again for the first time since 2002.
  20. A few More MP screenies Dan and Myself FIBUA clearing some streets Dan and Myself Delta Operators Nice Drice in an LRPV
  21. @ Para Be Good to see you in Game again mate. Miss ur Unisol Performances and ur trusty M24. and some screens of Duggy running round the Desert Duggy as SASR in Iraq Duggy SASR
  22. Too true NYR. It just clouds the issue. What matters IS we mourn those that have been tragically taken from us all. And look after those that have been injured or effected by this attack. And Secondly...those that planned, executed, and those that threaten to continue to advocate these attacks are dealt with....Shouldn't have to go into too much detail on that issue.
  23. @ QLDers Go the Blues Blues Win Decider Blues 32 Tries: King 3, Anasta, Gasnier, Tahu Conversions: Johns 3 Penalty: Fitzgibbon Maroons 10 Tries: Thurston, Bowen Conversion: Smith
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