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  1. Hmmm Hope u guys don't come up against the Testers we saw in action. They seemed rather well bored with slotting each other @ Serellan- Interesting Demo as i remember
  2. Ahem Expired BTW HF Expect to finally see some of ur Screenies up here mate
  3. Dekela Armed with M4A5/203 and Sabre etc in Background Vortog from WTE in rear of an S-70 Gimp of WTE Gunner in the S-70
  4. They didnt find anything ON him.. The guy was also an American Citizen .. Condolences to his family .. edit: My personal opinion is just that the shooter was paranoid .. Why was he carrying a gun in the 1st place? .. ← Err...might have something to do with the fact that he is an Air Marshall? Out. ← Just beat me to it mate @ Goosebumps- Air Marshalls 101. Basically they are a common occurence esp post sept 11 pretty much everywhere. They are well trained individuals or small teams who work undercover on airliners and are armed to deal with situations such as hostage takers ala classic terrorism and post sept 11 suicide pilots and of course suicide bombers i.e. people carrying or with explosives strapped to their bodies. Now given that task it'd be a smart idea to have them armed and to be honest regardless of situation if someone has stated they have a explosive device in the current environment in most countries the security personnel will effect the most effective means of terminating the threat. I'm more suprised they hadn't effected the outcome i.e. taken him down sooner. There has been a few instances of air marshals effecting control of situation of anything from terrorists to unruly passengers. Edit:- Me Personally I like that they are about- they are a whole lot better then the alternative solution to airborne hijackings these days. It's hard to effect a good outcome for other passengers with airborne hijackings around built up cities or critical infrastructure take place, I'd really hate to be the unlucky fighter jock who might one day have to launch an AMRAAM on a hijacked plane, the only outcome in that scenario thats remotely good is that the terrorists didn't reach their primary target.
  5. Firstly I want to thank the guys and gals from RSE for showing us GR:AW and for answering all our questions. Between Para, HF and Zjj they have already covered most areas until that is that massive interview if compiled. Personally the MP stuff was awesome- the balancing of the maps is such that no one person can truely dominate the area unless they use and integrate with their team mates- patience and agression where needed are rewarded- the new lighting as the previous posts have stated is awesome and from a gaming standpoint add more realistic factors to the battle. Immersion is a combination of realism, sound, intensity, visual stimulation have all these and you have it as real as it gets- GR:AW has all that and more. From a realism standpoint the kit, weaponry, technology integrated is utterly realistic and comprehensive. This title is well researched and any allegation of the weapons, equipment etc being unrealistic is short sighted IMHO. If a game had half the realism the RSE guys have got then it'd be well researched title. But to see HF, Para and Zjj excited was an indication in itself. And to be honest....i may well get an X-BOX 360 to play this title....It impressed me that much....
  6. Hype? LOL No hype here mate. The two Bali Bombings that killed a lot of Australians and a few other things means we are more open to lawa that can help support the Security forces.
  7. Seems there is some special deals for VBS1 at the official Shop:- Special Deal on VBS1 and some add ons Special Deals on Add ons
  8. Fox- She's a bit more expensive now- a measly 100 Pounds
  9. I'd say from Video and and from another video i have from Iraq Ops it would be DAP's (SC is on right track from what i saw). Standard formation type for DAP's is two birds. I.e Flight Lead and Wingman. DAP's as SC had shown carry 57MM FFAR, 7.62MM Mini Guns and 30MM Fixed Forward Firing Weapons systems. Co Incidentally the 30MM Chain gun is used is same type as the Apache uses. Could well be an Fast Mover about there no doubt. But I see two distinct gun/ rocket runs from and timings would suggest two DAP's making passes on the target. An Apache is unlikely due to the fact it wouldn't explain a 30MM fun run and Mini gun from the same airframe.
  10. VBS1 News History of VBS1
  11. Cool let me know how it goes yeah there's a fair amount of us that do play a lot of VBS1. There's CSHAG, XDF, RE, RSI and a whole heap of others. Yeah know what u mean. Been ages but same experience when i was goign through my CIR. But good feeling when u've not seen anyhting but cloud for hrs and then u arrive dead bang at overhead ur destination airfield.
  12. G'Day Mate. Good to see you. How's the flying going? Nah mate real world can at times take a lot of time up mate. And VBS1 can be a bear to install esp after 12 months of dev time. Hummer files. Probably not needed mate. They would be the FK_Hummer.pbo's? Fastrope.pbo? Put into your vbs1/add on folder. If it's in winzip format that will be the scripts for mission scipting fast rope which u won't need. Log into www.vbsresources.com and go to patches and patch to 2.07 version it will self install. Sounds pretty weird hopefully after 2.07 should sort that out. Add me to ur MSN if u have it mate Will be online US Time this evening basil_2004@hotmail.com
  13. Nice KA-6D mate.. So when are you starting on the Turkey?
  14. There is talk or planning to move the Capital South out of range of the majority of the NK Artillery. Not every country plans and starts to go ahead with moving a whole capital. LOL
  15. I'd Say the Chinese are an increasing threat then North Korea technolgy and equipment wise. Mind u they don't have Kim Il Jong. But to be honest i'd be also worried about any self destruction of the North Korean State- it could be just as unpredictable. Just on China to keep u budding intel types on your toes. Obviously Australia is closer to the action then the USA. But I assure you that US Forces in the Pacific have noticed a lot of this. China Intel Failures PDF Document on China's Increasing Strategic Capabilities SE Asian Regional Capability Growth Aussie Air Power Site
  16. I take it you are not Suggesting that the two soldiers in the car decided to take unprovoked pot-shots at the Iraq police? a more Pertinent question might be why where these two soldiers handed over to the militia despite clear orders from government level to hand the back to the British forces? ← (Note Mods- Hopefully this is not too Political- just seems relevant) The AO around Basra and Samawah where the Aussies are based alongside the Royal Dragoons is heavily Shiate area. Of late there has been an undercurrent of Radical Shia Members Politicians forcing out more moderate Shia. Muqtada al-Sadr has been behind a lot of what has been happening. Based on whats been happening with various positions being taken over by sympathisers and outright Al Sadr supporters Zero Alphas Comments are spot on. There was a Joruno who recently began to show whats was happening in the area- he turned up murdered. Actually reading Masters of Chaos it divulged early problems with Al Sadr very early on in the piece. Independence for the Iraqi people is all well and good but for the Brits, Aussies, Japanese and US Forces (sure may have missed some contingents) the uprise in Radical Shia influence is worrying- won't take much to set it off. Lets hope the military leaders continue to support there squaddies, Diggers and put their safety before being Politically correct and warm and fuzzy TV Imagery. Ostrich behaviour is not what is needed. Thats the problem not whether two Brit Soldiers where in Civilian Garb. Wouldn't totally surprise me if they were gaining intel of goings on in Basra and the environs.
  17. A Member of the Aussie SFTG (Special Forces Task Group) Based in Ghan Fires off a Javelin ATGM. SFTG Photos- A Heap Here
  18. @ Dannik- yes and here he is again playing the tourist Playing the Tourist
  19. Seems some ...... tried this on with HF at another site and looked what happened. I can tell you i have his mil address- e-mail, and his work number and he ain't a cook.... Have a look Reponse to pic by Noob... HF Response Have a Nice day mate....
  20. G'Day Lads, Just heard re a new book for the people interested in SF type books generally and Aussie SASR Ops. East Timor- RESPFOR, Olympics- Operation GOLD, Ghan Op Slipper and Iraq Op Falconer are all covered as is the Tampa Seizure. Haven't read it yet myself as it's just been released or will be soon. Got one review of it by a female journo who brought up the contact prior to Op Condor in Ghan. Book is based largely it would seem on higher up command element interviews and also patrol reports. I hope that it's not made too PC or too touchy feely. I.e Prefer the raw patrol reports here thanks very much LOL without the ideas of a Journo laid over the top. Mind u Masters of Chaos was an exception it was well written- hopefully this book is also well done. It's quite unusual to see any books on the SASR to be honest and it's generally only from the Nam error or Borneo you read about - apart from the crew at ANZ&D who know where to look for info. Seems by reading both this book and Masters of Chaos you will understand some of what was happening in Western Iraq back in OIF. SASR Book Review by Newspaper
  21. I saw from the pst at VBS Forums u can't reisntall Windows XP at all. Two Areas to test. 1) The USB key when insrted should have a red light operating (if not it's the USB key) 2) I'd check through diagbostics if the USB ports are still active or indeed trying the USB key on different USB slots.
  22. T- Heya Mate. Question? What version of Windows XP are you running? SP2? Or did you update to the 64 Bit System? Had a mate that upgraded his PC to 64 Bit Windows and the Marx Drivers wouldn't work at all. Had to reinstall windows... BTW Can u test the isntall on another PC at all? Doubt it is the USB key but u never know.
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