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  1. Firstly good work so far on the MOD, it's great stuff and can' wait to get my hands on it. Sorry about off topic but it seemed to be the place to put this data Hey guys Just thought you lads might like this link as it ties in with your mod, should be able to get some decent pics if you order the books, especially the Timor Book and Specwarops (got both and the pics are just awesome). They also have on the site articles (in PDF) about East TAG (4RAR CDO CT unit- SAS operators trained them and some are in team) and 4RAR in there East Timor Deployment. Good stuff overall, J Farrell is currently in Solomon Islands so expect some pics in next issue as well as his pics with CDT's from Gulf, Brit's around Basra etc. As a sidenote one of the Migs captured at AL ASAD (arabic for Lion) is apparently heading to the Aussie War memorial as a prize, maybe a MIG-23 but hoping for a MIG25UB! Aussie Defender As a another sidenote the LPRV The 6 wheel landrovers are mean vechiles. (in ANZD website LPRV is fourth from Left) But none were deployed in East Timor, apparently to keep a low profile or perhaps more likely they had insufficient airlift assets. They were however used in Iraqi ops and Afganistan Ops, equiped with Mag 58's, .50 cal machine guns, Mk19 40mm grenade launchers, Javelin Anti Tank missiles. Not to mention the lads personal M4A5's. The boys from WA certainly are getting the Kudo's they deserve recently and have been flat chat for 3 years now.
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