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  1. Dan- Nah mate. Blue Fin covered SOCOMD- ADG's where in line for some but they went onto 4RAR and CDT's as well as the WA lads of course. Note there using SR-25's up there too- had heard 4RAR had them and had seen a couple of Pics from Western Iraq with the lads carrying them on the LRPV's.
  2. SASR Elements from 1RAR,2RAR, 3RAR, 4RAR. 171SQN and a few others as well.
  3. Gordo_Viper


    Gotta agree with Whiteknight, depending on speed and fuel load and other factors at times there can be very little left of an aeroplane when it crashes. I watched one air crash investigator say how over aweing it was to realise that the crash remains of what would amount to a small car was all that remained of a 747 in one instance( Which i might add is much larger then a 757 or 767). Offence meant but theres nothing fishy about there not being much left of an aircraft when it crashes at high speed. A crash at approach speeds u'd expect the majority of the airframe to be intact but high speed crashes like happened in Sept 11- forget about it.
  4. Body Misplaced on Returning to Australia
  5. I would have to disagree with that statement, at least where the distances are concerned. The target area in a human chest is less than a six inch radius, and I promise you that in reality you cant reliably "double tap" (I am assuming you mean that the shots would go within less than half a second or so of each other, maybe if you waited a few seconds) a six inch radius at 100 yards while walking. As for 200 yards, that was halfway accross a GR1 map, and I anyway usually tried to get down before engaging at that range. Anyway, now that I am done nitpicking, I just wanted to throw in that I really dont see why you would want to be standing up out in the open with a scope up and shooting at a target less than 200 yards away, because chances are the target is going to shoot back (hey is GRAW going to have a weapons range, etc?). I think I would stick to cover. I like the refference to chess that I just read from one of the GRIN guys. You have to remember that this isnt a simulation it is a game. In reality knights could ride in a straight line (and the queen probably didnt go on killing sprees ), but if every piece could do whatever it wanted, chess would completely suck. Computer games are slightly different, but sometimes in order to make a game more "realistic", you have to make it less "realistic" if that makes any sense. ← 100M not able to double tap... well apart from HF talking about RL- there are simulators and other tac sims where greater engagement ranges are possible then 100 or 200m.
  6. Covering Corner with M240- targets that have been serviced in the open After effect of a interlocking field of fire during some Urban Ops Some technicals on the wrong end of HMG Fire Dekela Covering his arcs from high ground Apache in flight over Samawah Iraq.
  7. The K-9 Unit Pics are self explanatory
  8. Dekela Driving in a HMMMV Through a Wadi on clearing ops at First Light HMMMV's on Patrol. Note Spacing so if one goes up the other won't also be hit
  9. Australias Dangerous Creatures Shame the Croc wasn't a Saltie, there not be much left if that were the case.
  10. The following Helo types are flyable in VBS1 currently. All have Pilot/ Gunner Configuration except the KA-50 which is single seat OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Has MMS that works. Lase capability to lase for Hellfires and/ or LGBs. Armed version with FFAR/ Hellfire or Gun Pods etc US Army 1 AH-64A Apache Authentic cockpit- MFD shows radar display- dial and tape instruments work. Has a basic TADS display as used in other helos. AH-64D Longbow Same as above. Not authentic full up Block II Cockpit yet. Both A and D models have FFAR/ Hellfiure mix or the heavy hellfire combo of 16 Hellfires. US Army 1 CH-53E Sea Stallion USMC CH-46E Sea Knight aka Phrog USMC1 AH-1W Cobra Dial instruments Core AH-1Z Cobra MFD's some have basic function USMC1 UH-1Y USMC1 UH-1N Twin Huey USMC1 MH-6 Little Bird SF1 AH-6 Little Bird SF1 UH-60 Core MH-60 (more or less a initial SF Hawk converted from a raw UH-60) SF1 S-70- Aussie Blackhawk ADF1 ARH Tiger- Full MFD except some back up instruments flight MFDs work ok. ADF2 MRH-90 Aussie version of the NH90 ADF2 MI-17 Hip OFPOR1 MI-24 Hind Core?/OFPOR1? V-50 aka KA-50 Hokum OFPOR1 CH-47D Core Screenies- Low Detail, Low Res but you should get the idea. AH1Z Pache Pilot Pache Gunner Blackhawk CH-53E Kiowa Pilot View MH-6 Pilot View Tiger ARH Gunner View Tiger Pilot Gunner View A couple of Parked Helo's More Parked Helicopters
  11. Terminal Effects of some quick Counter Ambush Fire- Courtesy of Deks in the ASLAV and a few M4's/ F89s
  12. Console Gaming Bunny Hoppers You should see HF's work mate, I've been there twice.... those guys bunny hop all over the place. There also big on playing airsoft too according to other know it alls Trust me when people from their line of work state something it's accurate and been proved in combat many times over. As an example ever heard of the term rush in infantry or taking a bound? Watch below video and tell me if there going a at a CS Speed or GR1 Speed? What speed are these Inf running at?
  13. Details on Ukrainian Air Show Crash The crash of a fighter jet at a Ukrainian air show which killed 85 people was caused by pilot error, an official report into the incident has concluded. The main cause of the plane crash was a failure to respect the flight plan Yevhen Marchuk,head of inquiry The head of the commission set up to investigate the crash said the pilots had failed to follow the flight plan and performed difficult manoeuvres which they had not done before. Yevhen Marchuk added that operational issues, organisational problems and a lack of safety measures had contributed to make it the world's worst air show disaster. The Su-27 jet ploughed into spectators after touching the ground when flying too low during the air show in the western city of Lviv last month. President Leonid Kuchma sacked the country's top air force commanders after the incident, but refused to accept the resignation of the defence minister. More than 150 people were injured in the accident - 85 of them are still in hospital, some of them in critical condition. Twenty-seven children were among the dead. No co-ordination "The main cause of the plane crash was a failure to respect the flight plan and aerial manoeuvres that were not on the programme," Mr Marchuk said. According to witnesses, the pilots flew the jet over the crowd of about 10,000 people. In many countries, crowd exclusion zones are enforced at air shows and pilots are barred from carrying out manoeuvres below a certain height. Mr Marchuk said there was no proper co-ordination among the bodies taking part in the show. The two pilots had been serving in different wings, the flight controller came from another base and the jet was supplied by yet another unit. Both pilots survived the disaster after ejecting from the aircraft. Mr Marchuk also accused the ground services of not taking adequate measures to ensure the safety of spectators. The theory which appeared in the media that the plane was brought down by a mysterious cylindrical object was rejected by the commission. Mr Marchuk said that organisational procedures and pilot training would continue to be investigated. President Kuchma has banned military planes from flying at air shows and, with the exception of planes on active air defence guard, all military aircraft have been grounded.
  14. Happy B'Day HF. Have a good one mate.
  15. Dekela as a Cannuck Soldier with an F89- Note Uniform is Marpat closest to CADPAT Available Some Insurgents on the wrong end of a Counter Ambush Drill Dek's Plying his Trade with a Trusty MK19
  16. G'Day, Only Members I know of that are in QLD are Dekela and Stewy- both are near Brisbane which is a long logn way from the Cyclone. I know Dek's is ok because i was on the phone to him. Looks like a bad one though, the flooding is quite nasty and there is a lot of crops that have been destroyed- Bananna's included. Strange Aussies seem to be more interested in the Commonwealth Games where we seem be going ok at. The Scots are doing well too Info on Cyclone
  17. North American Customers can now order VBS1 from BIA BIA VBS1 Store now selling into North America
  18. OFP is a great Tac Sim no doubt and with some of the add ons out there its very well detailed but it's in no way comparable to what VBS1 does. VBS1 Functionality Improvements- PDF A Nice listing of Tac Sims out there and their strengths And looking forward to whatever Blackfoot is working on as well.
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