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  1. http://www.vbs2.com/press/PR_VBS2_ITEC_Eurosatory_08.pdf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGRLJOS95zk...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd44w6jYMRk...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b58zI-ZlaXg
  2. Argyll nice to hear from you mate...stay safe, if you can't stay safe give em hell!
  3. http://www.nzdf.mil.nz/media-centre/media-...oss/default.htm
  4. Yes mate...it was big news in NZ obviously. We also caught a lot of news on it as well. The NZSAS have apparently released a pretty "open" docco on their unit..which is usually very tight lipped. the preview is on youtube somewhere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZt9b6tGCKU
  5. Crowie...some very interesting stuff being added all the time now. Sniper AVRS : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnDUihLjvbo AVRS Stage 1: AVRS NVG : AVRS Marshalling : AVRS Marshalling :
  6. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/ Look Under Industry Review: The Game the Army Plays. http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/index.p...2&Itemid=79
  7. Two NZ SAS Troopers boarded a quick shuttle flight out of Perth, headed for Wellington. One sat in the window seat, the other sat in the middle seat. Just before take-off, An Aussie SASR trooper got on and took the aisle seat next to the two NZ SAS Troopers. The Aussie SASR trooper kicked off his boots, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the NZ SAS Trooper in the window seat said,"I think I'll get up and get a coke." "No problem," said the SASR trooper, "I'll get it for you." While he was gone, the NZ SAS Trooper picked up the SASR troopers boot and spit in it. When the SASR trooper returned with the coke, the other NZ SAS Trooper said, "That looks good, I think I'll have one too." Again, the SASR trooper obligingly went to fetch it and while he was gone, the NZ SAS Trooper picked up the other boot and spit in it. The SASR trooper returned and they all sat back and enjoyed the short flight to Wellington. As the plane was landing, the SASR trooper slipped his feet into his boots and knew immediately what had happened. "How long must this go on?" the SASR trooper asked. "This fighting between our groups? This hatred? This animosity? This spitting in boots and ###### in cokes?"
  8. Some nice books there mate. I've read Masters of Chao's a few times through. All Roads Lead to Baghdad is good if you understand the acronyms as you said. Reading through Dick Couchs Chosen Soldier as well. Rather topical as I'm in that part of the world from time to time. Roughneck Nine One Zero was a good read; had heard of a lot of the battle before but was good to get some specifics.
  9. Mental note: make sure rooftiles are secure if that ever happends! Looks like they are getting another three Chooks mate...so watch out
  10. @ Snow I'm sure you'd be happy if/when they get some MH-47's as well....
  11. Nice pics Rocky...we'll turn you into a Fast Jet nut before too long. @ Krise we've still got -111's down here in Australia mate...nice planes. We're pretty close to Williamtown here they have Hawk 127 trainers/ S-76 helos/ F/A-18s/ PC-9s and soon 737 AWACS. Always good when the PACAF or USN come and play and you see F15's and F16s (From Kadena and Misawa respectively) and obv if USN are in town lots of Bugs and Super Bugs. Ah for the ole Tomcat days. Do see the odd Blackhawk as well here and there...The Aussie equiv of 160th is actually pretty close to Snowfella (they are watching him .....)
  12. "Enjoy" SFAS mate! Then there's the fun stuff after that...and I'll add to what Para said the DS staff are a waitin mate..!
  13. DS nice pics mate. Looks like the FN Lads put on a good show for you... Shame I missed out by a month
  14. Aussie M1's rollling through some bulldust Dust...what dust Javelin Stirring up the Roos at Pucka with 2000LBs of HE x 2 120MM... Armour Assault US Special Forces in IQ As Above
  15. Shooter (Didn't see anyone else answer that one).
  16. RTF Afghan Contact: 80 Taliban Vee Combined ADF Force/ US Army/ Dutch Apaches http://www.defence.gov.au/opslipper/images...F%20Contact.wmv OWBG Iraq Contact: ASLAV and Inf http://www.defence.gov.au/opcatalyst/video...ATRAH%20WEB.wmv This one's a beauty..gotta love the Aussie Sense of Humour (and the Brits) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f80_1190668068
  17. I got mine...LMAO. Sorry Wp... @ DS apparently I might be dropping by about twice a year now..
  18. @ Wp and Whisper...Hey why not. When I get a chance to drop by I sure will! Between the US lads at GR.Net there'd be one hell of a range shoot.
  19. Well after 28hrs+ of travel I'm home. Was pretty good getting to catch up with DS and as he mentioned a good oppurtunity to shoot some firearms. Thks again for the range time DS! Those are just the pistola photos; we were lucky enough to get some limited time with an M1 Garand and an M4 as well. And yeah those black squares are all the rage!
  20. Not sure if this should be in Real World Mil or not but this seems like the best place. It's a very nice video and is going around the USMC quite a bit. Whatever your views it's damn nice video (even if ur not a country fan)... http://www.semper-fi.org/users/SSgt/bumper.wmv
  21. http://www.vbs2.com/site/press_us_sf.html http://www.vbs2.com/site/press_iitsec_06.html The Agent AI and the Real Time Editor Movies show some functionality: http://www.vbs2.com/site/downloads.html
  22. http://www.virtualbattlespace.com/vbs_whatis.pdf http://www.virtualbattlespace.com/vbs1_improvements.pdf http://www.virtualbattlespace.com/Competit...matrix_v003.xls
  23. USMC VTK Bohemia Interactive announces United States Marine Corps (USMC) VBS2 Enterprise License and development of the VBS2 Virtual Took Kit (VTK) Australia - 9th August 2006 A pdf version of this press release is available here. Bohemia Interactive is extremely pleased to announce that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has purchased an enterprise license of Virtual Battlespace (VBS). The license provides an unlimited number of VBS1 and VBS2 licenses to the Marines for use in tactical training, mission rehearsal and experimentation. The decision by the USMC to purchase an enterprise license of VBS marks a milestone for the product and validation that the Real Virtuality engine remains one of the most flexible, extendable and cost-effective military simulation tools available today. Bohemia Interactive is delivering a wide range of VBS1 modules and functionality improvements including the USMC1 pack, After Action Review 3 (AAR3), Instructor Interface and other USMC-specific enhancements. Two versions of VBS1 will be delivered – ‘VBS1 Developer’ provides a fully functional product for use in simulation centers, and ‘VBS1 Lite’ is provided for wider distribution. Bohemia Interactive is working closely with the USMC to finalise Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2), a completely new product based upon the brand new game engine Real Virtuality 2. VBS2 is being constantly improved in accordance with military feedback received from a range of VBS1 customers, including the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the USMC. VBS2 extends the adaptable, customisable nature of Operation Flashpoint and VBS1 to provide a tool that delivers rapid terrain generation for mission rehearsal in high fidelity, realistic environments, in addition to a host of other functional and graphical improvements. Thanks to LVC (Live-Virtual-Constructive) Game by Calytrix, VBS1 and VBS2 will also be integrated into the USMC DVTE network, seamlessly interoperating with simulations such as JSAF. The DVTE will soon leverage a wide range of VBS2 enhancements including command and control functionality, modifiable agent-based AI and real-time mission editing. VBS1 and VBS2 may also be integrated with C2PC to provide a high-fidelity, networked environment linking the live and virtual domains (live marines in the field, tracked by GPS, interoperating with virtual entities controlled from within a USMC simulation centre). Beyond VBS2 – VBS2 Virtual Tool Kit Bohemia Interactive will soon commence development of the Virtual Tool Kit (VTK), a project designed to allow the end user to modify every aspect of the simulation. As most users of serious games have already experienced, it can be difficult if not impossible to effect a change in a simulation engine without either a great deal of time or financial investment. Bohemia Interactive intends to reverse this model through providing a range of editors that will enable every aspect of the simulation to be easily modified and configured; to the extent that the product could be repackaged by any typical user to suit a new training requirement or demand. To be sponsored by the USMC, the VBS2 VTK provides configuration, weapon and unit editors, improved (easier to use and more functional) terrain and modelling tools, easily modifiable artificial intelligence behaviours, an API for ‘plugging-in’ new AI models, deformable terrain and a range of other improvements beyond the extensive enhancements already available in VBS2. Bohemia Interactive intends for VBS2 VTK to provide the benchmark for the serious games industry; a completely modifiable, low-cost and customer-oriented product suitable for any conceivable use (be it military training or otherwise). Bohemia Interactive will be directly supporting both the USMC and Joint Combined Training Centre (JCTC) at I/ITSEC 07. A full press release will be available at http://www.virtualbattlespace.com shortly, as well as information on the upcoming VBS2-based product Virtual Responder Trainer.
  24. One of the funniest videos out there. Bit of background Cane Toads are an introduced species to North Aust- QLD and NT....and well the video has some Aussie slang- but u'll get the drift- warning some slight language.... Cane Toad Movie
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