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  1. Yeah that'd work too. Just didn't know how putting the portal address straight on here would work. Guess that'll save some time.
  2. Any US Army NG, Active Duty etc who have a CAC Card and would like to obtain VBS2 Lite (just PM me on here or email gordon@vbs2.com)
  3. That he ain't. DS, Yeah mate. I've been back since my last visit we had at the range. (Range Day) And other locations around the traps lol. @WK: Yeah that's HF .
  4. Special Forces There is an ad that comes on before the video. Quick video showing some of the technology at the Special Warfare Centre. Oh also includes some people some of you may know.
  5. Snow, Yeah mate the Aussies feedback I've heard isn't much better. Ditto to the Tiger Attack helo. You'd think they'd have learnt hey? Be much easier if we'd bought Apaches or AH-1Zs for the attack/recce stuff and UH-60Ms for the transport requirements (and we'd have probably had the attack birds already in Ghan supporting the Aussies in contact)
  6. Yup! Got rid of their decked out A-4 Skyhawks and now have Hueys (being replaced by NH90s), Some Herc and some P3s. (Video of thei Skyhawks ) Thus leading to:
  7. Nice vehicle DS. Aussies have bought them as well. Of interest as well mate... some UK customers have acquired some Bushmaster vehicles from Aus..
  8. Cink, Looking forward to seeing a few shots mate.
  9. All credit to Marcus Luttrell for not killing these punks. Don't know how to explain this...
  10. Yeah mate we've been quite busy of late. The NATO and the US Army Enterprise Licenses are very good news. We've started fielding to the US Army. @Rocky thks mate! The Brits are really ramping up use of the system as well. They use it for the lads going into Ghan.
  11. http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/index.p...9&Itemid=62
  12. Nah what's really impressive to watch from a distance is three GBU-38 airbursts going off, stuff like that lights up the sky! No doubt mate...though a BLU-82 sure does make a dent.
  13. Seems Boeing were looking at a 777 variant on the 2nd go before they pulled the plug....when this comes up again (sooner rather then latter hopefully) Boeing may have a better shot at it.
  14. I've seen them operate out of small airfields as well mate. The airfield restriction is worse for twin engine airframes due to the asymetric thrust issues assosciated with loosing one engine on take off and having another at full power. C-5 isn't effected by this obviously.... As to airframe stress air superioty fighters who spend a lot of time in the high G environment have different issues to the C5. @ Whistle... given the A330 is also a larger airframe there's no reason the 777 can't operate from similar airfields...it also offers a better fuel offload capability.
  15. AC-130U Gunship MC-130 Dropping the last BLU-82 15,000LB Bomb Impact of the BLU-82
  16. The KC-135's are old birds (no argument here). Block obsolence is something facing most militaries and there are no easy fixes. I know airfield use had come into play however with a smaller offload capability you drag the AAR tanker closer to enemy air defences and you need more tankers to service the same amount of fighters. C-5 upgrade program sounds interesting; there's been a heated battle between the C-5 and C-17 camps over the recent years. 20 years for the C-5 isn't as bad as some other platforms and given their flight profiles I doubt they have anywhere near the aiframe stresses an air superioty fighter has.
  17. 777 is larger but would offer a better and more competitive fuel offload capability at range then the 767 would (might compete with the A330 as well). You can never have too much AAR capability. Sure integrating the AAR capability onto a new airframe is a lot of work; the RAAF A330's are still being worked on. But having the greater fuel offload/cargo/range does make things easier. Airfield issue relates to take off issues on take off the increased thrust on the 777's engines means they need longer runways to operate from in case of loosing an engine on take off then the less powerful 767 engines do.
  18. Might see Boeing go for a 777 option to give better range and fuel offload capability etc.
  19. @WK they are working up their air to ground capabilities in preperation for a possible Afghan deployment. The latest blocks of the Typhonn have added PGM capability so they had a few Typhoons in the US dropping live rounds for clearance certification etc
  20. Happy B'day Zjj. So did you get that Shooter DVD you wanted for your birthday?
  21. Crowie, Yeah we're pretty busy mate! Ref Spec Pc's I'm not 100% sure... decent graphics cards are always handy. I have mine out to 10,000m+ on some maps.
  22. Aussie Football is a Victorian/ South Australia/ WA Sport The real sports in Aus (NSW, QLD, ACT and NT) are Rugby Union and Rugby League....makes the AFL boys look like the pansies. This is Rugby League..hardly pansie material http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM4-C_iC4_k And when it really gets rough...State or Origin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG14CjPJgFg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egmXud5nvso...feature=related
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