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  1. Hello,

    I have recently bought a copy of VBS1 on the used market most of the paid addons included. It came with a small selection of user-created missions but unfortunately I am missing a few of the free addons and can't launch many of them.

    I have already made a thread regarding that in the VBS section.

    Also I wanted to ask you if you have any selection of free and user-created missions for VBS1 you would share? Unfortunately nearly all of the VBS1 sites have vanished and even when using web archive, they are impossible to reach since they were boards that required a login.

    Thank you very much in advance

  2. D, It's not an issue mate. We can still update your key without any issues to the new key type.
  3. At least across most of the NATO and ABCA (especially) nations there has been quite a lot of standardized equipment. The training across ABCA and some of the NATO SOF is quite similar too. There is quite a lot of cross polination of unit visits and also Liason Officers. It's becoming pretty hard to pick which ABCA SOF unit is represented in a picture from Afghanistan (except for the National Flag)!
  4. Like that is ever going to happen. Nice, Gordo! Makes me want to pull out my VBS discs again. Too bad my computer can't handle it any more. Zjj, If you ever get a PC that can run it let me know. @Rocky: No problem at all mate. For the VBS2 PE users out there VBS2 2.0 will be provided to you guys as a free update as well. Ground Branch is going to be a great title...no doubt about that. You only need to look at the heritage of games that group have delivered to the market. ArmA3 is going to be another good title...and for the more hard core stuff DCS series is pretty damn good for the air side of things. Start with a PM to gordo requesting a quote. Riley. VBS2 is used by most of the Worlds militaries for training; we do sell a Personal Edition for serious gamers. But it's in no way priced like normal computer games and it doesn't have a campaign or any single player missions that ships with it. It does however have a very powerful mission editor (3D) and the ability to record the action and provide an AAR and also run time authoring (changing the scenario on the fly). If you're interested shoot me a PM! VBS2 is mainly a military tool. So it has some things that tend to set it apart from most other titles out there. -very large terrain areas. VBS2 2.0 can support multi map technology allowing 500km by 500km terrain areas and larger -After Action Review tool (records all the fun) -Correlated Terrain i.e. Real World Locations -HLA/DIS capability allows it to link in with other simulation systems And yes GR1 is the grand poo bar for a lot of excellent FPS games out there.
  5. G'Day mate! Been way too long. Looks like it would have been an excellent demo to witness! I've seen a few down here in Australia over the last few years and they are impressive! Though i was a little bit closer then the video was taken from! There is talk of creating International SOF capabilities based on regions. I.e. sharing more intel and resources...could be a good thing.
  6. VBS2 2.0 Video: Note does contain fairly detailed wounding model; might disturb some people.
  7. Pretty good docco... covers SASR/CDOs and IRR Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  8. Excellent. I'll be sure to look for a game (most likely on the weekend!)
  9. Yeah it's a grand old time. Any interest in Co-Op play with other Gr.Net players?
  10. Oh he's a hero. But typically with the case with guys like that he's pretty damn humble about it all and can't understand why he was selected out of all his mates to be awarded that honor. As to the floods down here...yeah Northern Australia has been copping it again. It's our wettest summer in quite some time; but ironically we've had bush fires on the Western side of Australia. Nice and dry where we are at the moment. Had a 110+ per day week back here about three weeks ago.
  11. Will do mate. Be good to catch up. Likewise if you get down to Australia!
  12. RIP Sam. Condolences to his family and his friends.
  13. http://www.defence.gov.au/special_events/Roberts-Smith/index.htm
  14. I'd say a lot have watched it. It aired in the U.S. a few years ago and it's been on YouTube for as long. DS Had heard the A3 416 was having some issues. But it appears to work pretty well otherwise!
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