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  1. Nice, would be possible keep the Multicam skin and gear and add modern special forces helmets? same as Us navy seals and other special forces use in the present
  2. Thanks now i did work in MP. There exist some option to change it in Single player missions or campaigns?
  3. Look like very nice , how do you do to change to the new gear settings and uniform skins in the multiplayer option?. Everytime i load a mission me and my team are with old bdu skins and there is no option to change uniforms. Thanks
  4. Thanks , still not the new camo skins from the pictures right? , I have try but still old bdu camo in the units , there exist some way to change it or still not included on this update?
  5. Look like very nice , waiting for the first release with all those nice skins and gear
  6. Thank you very much for the clearification , Now i know everything is ok with my mod setup , then i will wait for the next update , look like really awesome , thanks for the modding work.
  7. Thanks for the mod but im new in Ghost recon modding community and i have a doubt about Violence of action mod: I have install the mod , i have the new campaign and single missions but i cant access to the new multicam skins and other skins you show in the pictures, i just use the default woodland and desert bdu camo to come with centcom mod. I have try in single and multiplayer and the same. How can i change the modern skins and gear you show in the last video and pictures? Hope someone know how to change the skins and if they are not included with the mod , please can you tell me where can i download? , thanks.
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