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  1. More Resources than Convoys. 500 prestige. A sweet 'Mad Max' style outfit. A whole lot of as kicking. Guerilla mode has it all. Welcome fam to my simple guide to beating the 25 waves of invaders. This guide may have been written by your very own Swifty, but it is the result of countless Guerrilla Mode Addicts working together to finding the easiest and fastest way to earn resources this game has to offer. I have personally beaten all 25 waves of Guerrilla Mode well over 100 times, and I'm certainly not the only one in the Crew that has done so. The GBM crew are not noobs, we're addicts, and we're here to help. First off. 2 people can beat this with a little bit of focus. So don't fret if you can't get a crew together, just follow this guide and breathe easy. 1. Play in arcade difficulty. The benefits of playing the entire wave in a higher diffulty are severly outweighed by the ability to actually beat the wave. Basically, don't be a hero. Nubisoft doesn't give you much of a bonus for kills, so why make your life any harder than it has to be? 2. Before you kill the last enemy, turn up your difficulty. Unlike the kills, the end of wave bonus is Over Powered. Tier One mode will grant you ~300% more money to spend at Grumpy Grandma's Store. Extreme difficulty -without Tier One- does grant a boost, but it's only about 20%. Still worth it. Safely saving the last enemy is rather simple: use a flashbang and grab his blinded b-tch ass. It's often beneficial if one player is the 'designated guy grabber.' Yeah I know what I said. 3. Weapon Attachments that show you altered stats on the left side of the screen will fit your weapon. If these Stats are not there, the attachment is not for your weapon. Sometimes the Attachment is for your side arm, not your primary. So if it doesn't fit, try it on your Sidearm. Silencers are a bad choice. There is no 'Advanced Supression' like in Campaign, so silencers hinder your bullet damage. Also, the enemy already knows where you are, so stealth is irrelivant. Attachments must be equipped at a Weapon Cabinet. Marked on the minimap with a wrench. 4. Perks are important. In fact, as important as the weapons you buy. You CAN afford them all, so buy them. If you are playing with AI, the perks turn them into super soldiers. They will even shoot the pilots from helis for you. 5. The only drone that proves useful is the Medic drone. It will become available during the preparation phase of Wave 11. Note that you will have to Equip the Drone at a Weapon Cabinet. Marked on the minimap with a wrench. 6. Press 'C' in Grumpy Grandma's store to see items from previous waves. 7. #NeverEnoughMines You can place 4 proximity mines and 8 land mines per person. Do it. Proximity mines are not tough enough to take out vehicles or UD soldiers. Place a C4 charge beside your Proxy Mine for a BIGGA BOOM. 8. Try to ignore helicopters, if you don't shoot at them, they don't -usually- shoot at you. If everyone focuses on the Helis, the ground troops will quickly overwhelm you. Let 1 player deal with them and the rest focus on the elsewhere. Shooting the Pilot from the heli is the fastest way to remove it from the battlefield, but not the easiet. Any type of drone flown into the main prop will drop a Heli instantly. 'Military Choppers' (Apache/Cobra) can be taken out by flying the drone to where the Props actually meet the heli. 9. Make sure you camp in a spot that gives you a clear line of sight to the objective, however being on the objective itself usually proves fatal. See attached images for The best spots to play. 10. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF GUERRILLA MODE: PAINT YOUR WEAPON! This strikes fear in the heart of your enemies. It is absolutely neccessary for Victory. I reccommend Gold or Pink. Other Interesting Guerrilla Facts: Vehicle Weapons can be used by players. If you enter a vehicle before the wave ends, and stay in it until the next wave begins, you can use it. Helis cannot be used, even if you EMP them and they land safely. So don't bother trying. If you enter an APC the enemies will stop attacking, but the wave will not end until you kill them. It's not the Save-All it appears to be. The 'Honey Badger' don't give a f-ck. Which is why it's utterly useless. Don't buy it. Resources gained from a victory can range from 200,000 to 800,000. For the best results remember to 'Tier Up' BEFORE the end of every wave, especially wave 25. Waves 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, 16-19 are SB. Waves 5, 10, 15, 20-25 are UD. There is a 1 minute initial prep phase. After that prep is 1:30 per SB wave and 2:00 per UD wave. Completing waves 1-5 grants 25 Prestige. 6-10 grants 50 Prestige. 11-15 grants 75 Prestige. 16-20 Grants 100 Prestige. 21-25 grants 250 prestige. Average completion time is ~2hr. You will also earn a LOT of Tier Points. With a crew that all have Tier One mode, I've seen ~600 per wave and ~9000 for completion. So ~24000 total. Grumpy Grandma is bullet proof. Which is shame, cause she is a total b-tch.
  2. Leveling UP your weapons in Tier One Mode seems daunting. Hundreds of thousands of resources to get 1 weapon to level 30. However, if you do it right, you can level up a weapon from level 0 to level 30 in only a couple hours. Even less once you get the strategy down. With the right crew, I have been able to do this in less than 1 hour. Here's the deal... Split up. 4 Convoys for the time of 1. BAM. We big balin' now! "That seems like a good idea in theory. The problem Swifty, is when someone else tags their convoy I don't get any resources. Makes me feel rejected, just like high school gym class. Am I doing something wrong?" "There there friend. You're not being rejected, you're a wonderful person. Nubisoft is trying to get you to actually buy resources from them, because they are greedy bumholes. Let me explain the work around for you, step by step." 1. Take out the convoy escort vehicles, the driver and passenger. DO NOT tag supplies yet. 2. Type 'join' in your chat. 3. Quickly open your map and deselect the convoy you are about to tag. Then reselect it. This will allow your crew to promptly join the mission. 4. Once everyone has joined that mission, you can now tag the supplies. Everyone will get the supplies, wherever they are in Goobersoft's Bolivia. 5. Make sure you join other's convoy missions when you see a fresh 'join' message in chat. "But Swifty, how the f-ck do I steal a convoy all by myself?" "It's easy little buddy, let me walk you through it." 1. Destroy the escort vehicles. 2. Stop the convoy truck. 3. Shoot Driver in the face. 4. Shoot Passenger in the face. 5. Tag that sh-t. "OK Swifty, but how the f-ck do I destroy the escorts? Some of them even have a helicopter! I'm only 1 little buddy." "It's OK friend, we got this! Lemme break it down for you." Method 1: Super Pro 1. Find yourself a 'Gatling Chopper'. 2. If there is a Heli guarding the convoy, it goes down first. You can shoot it from a distance, but I prefer the humpback method. I simply land my chopper on top of the enemy chopper. The magic of Ubish-t video game physics allows you to do this without taking damage to your own heli. "King Kong ain't got sh-t on me!" 3. Shoot the escorts from the air*. If you're lucky (or as accurate as a porn star on nitrous) you'll get the driver and the escort will just stop. If not, just shoot it until it blows up. *Try not to shoot the Convoy Truck itself. The Heli bullets can sometimes destroy the convoy with only a couple bullets if you hit the back of the convoy vehicle. 4. Shoot the front or Side of the Convoy Truck until it is at 1/3 health. It Will stop. Driver and Passenger will jump out. 5. Shoot the Passenger. Method 2: Semi Pro 1. Get yourself a small heli. 2. Land on a vantage point with a clear line of sight to the convoys route. 3. EMP the Convoy. 4. Use your SR25 Jungle (or some such) and shoot the escort vehicle that is leading the convoy. 5. Quickly shoot the rear escort vehicle. 6. Shoot the Heli if there is one. 7. Shoot the driver with a low penetration weapon. 8. Shoot the passenger with a low penetration weapon, even better... Slap that SB Hippie. Method 3: The Buddy System* 1. Get a 'Military Chopper'. 2. Have a Gunner and a Pilot. 3. The Pilot uses Missiles to destroy Escorts. 4. The Gunner uses Gun to Stop Convoy by shooting it until it is at 1/3 health so it stops. 5. If the rest isn't obvious at this point, uninstall game. *Due to a recent update, there is no longer a reticle in the gunner seat, making this method a risk to the integrity of the convoy. I'm Big Mad. "Wow Swifty, you're some kind of genius! However, sometimes other SB hippies or UD pervs show up and bang me with their big barrels from behind! Any advice?" "Thanks little buddy! I wouldn't call myself a genius, but I am pretty damn smart. Of course I have some advice for you, listen up, I'm about to change your life!" 1. Pay attention to your surroundings BEFORE you engage the escorts. If those UD pervs even smell your smoking barrel, they gonna get involved. So wait until you are a good distance away from any UD vehicles. 2. Once the escorts are out of the way, you don't have to stop the convoy right away. Look at the map, and make sure there are no enemy installations around. Once you hit dirt, if there is anyone around -SB or UD- they will want to get some. 3. Land a few hundred meters in front of the convoy, on the Driver side of the truck. This makes shooting the driver easier. EMP it. If you can, shoot the driver first, just beware of the mooching SB hippie in the passenger seat. "THANK YOU Swifty, you're the man! How can I show you my gratitude? Are you busy Friday night?" "You're welcome little buddy, but let's keep this professional. If we ever end up in a game together, just play smart. Keep chill and save the salt for PvP. Good luck Fam! Have fun!"
  3. This is the fastest Tier One points I can manage to get (please tell me if you know a better system). You can continue the loop indefinitely. First Fast Travel to Koani and spawn yourself a heli, gatling preferred. This is Where the Fun Begins. Just do these missions, in order, they will lead you south. Then follow them back North and reapeat, although you will get less points for doing the same missions within a 24hr period. Ideally, the pilot should always stay in the pilot seat to keep the engine running and a passenger should choose the next mission. This will speed up the whole process. 1. 'The Convoy' - Koani This can be done from the Air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Don't Land, don't even engage enemies. 10 Seconds flat. 2. 'Boston Reed' - Koani This one takes longer than the rest, but it's easy AF. You can use the DT HTI to 'one-shot' Boston's Chopper a long ways away, and the XP/TP reward is large. 3. 'The Quinoa Factory' - Romanzo 4. 'Energy Drinks' - Romanzo These 2 missions can be done very quickly using Explosive Drones. 3 players should get out of the chopper and deploy drones to the different locations. BOOM! 5. 'Western Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo 6. 'Hidden Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo 7. 'Eastern Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo All 3 of these missions combined can be completed in 3 minutes, including travel time. From the heli, use Explosive Drone to complete mission. WEest and East Caches Are in the Yellow building. Hidden Cache is inside the cave. 8. 'Full Load' - Montuyuc There are 4 locations to Boom. 3 players jump out and deploy their BOOM Drone, one of which mortar strikes the enemy mortar site (and 'load') before booming the armory 'load'. 20 Seconds flat. 9. 'Carl Bookhart*' - Montuyuc This one takes a little more effort, but can still be done in a 90 seconds or so, and is simple once you've done it once or twice. See below for details. 10. 'The Northern Plane' - Inca Camina 11. 'La Cabra' - Inca Camina 12. 'The Southern Plane' - Inca Camina 13. 'The Eastern Plane' - Inca Camina All 4 of these mission can be done from the air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Try not engage enemies for faster completion times. 14. 'El Sueno's Convoy' - Pucara This can be done from the Air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Don't Land, don't even engage enemies. 10 Seconds flat. *Carl Bookhart Explained: There is a rear entrance to the Cave where Carl is found. Drop 1 player off here, while the other 3 fly to the main entrance as fast as posible. The lone player enters the rear cave and proceeds until it dead ends. The player then sends out an exposive drone. Fly up and you are then able to continue through the cave to Carl's location. This will be marked by a crown once the mission has been initiated. To initiate the mission, the other 3 players must 'take' the main cave entrance. There are 5 enemies at the front of the cave. Kill them however you like, effienciency is always best. Then simply get close to the entrance to mark Carl's location. The rest should be self explainatory, but just in case you don't know what comes next: You BOOM Carl in the face. Other Super Easy Missions For Tier One Mode Progression, and can also be done North to South in a Heli. 1. 'The Advisor' - Espiritu Santo 2. 'Gold Rush North' - Espiritu Santo 3. 'Gold Rush South' - Espiritu Santo 4. 'The Laboratory 1' - Villa Verde 5. 'The Laboratory 2' - Villa Verde 6. 'The Submarine Fleet 1' - Caimanes 7. 'The Submarine Fleet 2' - Caimanes 8. 'The Submarine Fleet 3*' - Caimanes 9. 'Cooking with Cocoa' - Occoro 10. 'Toxic Assets' - Libertad 11. 'Toxic Convoy' - Libertad All of these are easily done with Explosives drones. In some cases an Attack Chopper is even faster. No need to engage the enemies. *There is a sneaky path in with drone that will not be jammed. Once you've figured it out once, you'll be able to do it quickly from then on.
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