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  1. Oh... hi Rocky... this is awkward... How about that sky today? Talk about blue. 😶
  2. More Resources than Convoys. 500 prestige. A sweet 'Mad Max' style outfit. A whole lot of as kicking. Guerilla mode has it all. Welcome fam to my simple guide to beating the 25 waves of invaders. This guide may have been written by your very own Swifty, but it is the result of countless Guerrilla Mode Addicts working together to finding the easiest and fastest way to earn resources this game has to offer. I have personally beaten all 25 waves of Guerrilla Mode well over 100 times, and I'm certainly not the only one in the Crew that has done so. The GBM crew are not noobs, we're addi
  3. El Tio... you broke my heart you ######... pay back's a b-tch! Apologies for the outburst... Let's just move past that and begin the hunt. First you need to find the 3 Graves. Use a small Heli to save you lots of time. You find these grave is the Ancient Cemetery of Miners (Image 1) Once you have found them, 'Read' Newspaper on Graves by interacting with them (press 'E'). They are the Graves with Lit Candles (Image 3) burning on them and vultures flying above them. Thermal Vision Can assist with this. Here are the locations: -19.6640 / 64.0318 (Image 2) -19.6248 / 64
  4. Leveling UP your weapons in Tier One Mode seems daunting. Hundreds of thousands of resources to get 1 weapon to level 30. However, if you do it right, you can level up a weapon from level 0 to level 30 in only a couple hours. Even less once you get the strategy down. With the right crew, I have been able to do this in less than 1 hour. Here's the deal... Split up. 4 Convoys for the time of 1. BAM. We big balin' now! "That seems like a good idea in theory. The problem Swifty, is when someone else tags their convoy I don't get any resources. Makes me feel rejected, just like hig
  5. This is the fastest Tier One points I can manage to get (please tell me if you know a better system). You can continue the loop indefinitely. First Fast Travel to Koani and spawn yourself a heli, gatling preferred. This is Where the Fun Begins. Just do these missions, in order, they will lead you south. Then follow them back North and reapeat, although you will get less points for doing the same missions within a 24hr period. Ideally, the pilot should always stay in the pilot seat to keep the engine running and a passenger should choose the next mission. This will speed up the whole
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