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  1. I know there are plenty of games where projectiles are objects with volume and ballistic physics of some sort (Skyrim, for example) but I was wondering if any FPS engine games actually generate or at least calculate bullets as having a volume, a velocity, and an arc? The last (bullet drop/windage) I have seen in games, but travel-time and bullet dimensions are unknown in any FPS that I am aware of. Obviously it would be a lot of extra stuff for the engine to calculate, but for long range shots travel-time really does matter; and having bullets with real diameter would also prevent silly pixel peeking (nothing wrong with shooting through a crack, but a 1mm crack no).
  2. I think multiplayer is always hysterically unrealistic no matter what you do, because people in one-off matches have incentives that nobody but a PCP addict serial killer has in real life. That being said, I just wanted to comment on something you asked, "why are you breaching the building, given how dangerous it is"? And this is where Single-player is unrealistic. We are breaching the building because we want to breach the building: run in and shoot a bunch of people. There are lots of Raven Shield levels I could have beat by creeping around and getting my objectives knocked off. I never did that. Instead I found and shot ever single enemy. Being able to mass murder people in a realistic way, to execute dicey and violent procedures on hapless foes, is the entire point of the game. This is why I despised one of the last levels in the original Rainbow Six, where you have to sneak around an executive's house avoiding his butler Oddjob, and you're not allowed to kill him. If I had had a Gameshark for N64 at the time I first played it I would have skipped that level. I, personally, play tactical shooters to be assassination/breaching sims; I loathe PvP, though, so that means it's got to be against AI in missions. This is also why you'll never catch me dead playing the new R6 and GR games; less realistic, more arcade-y and Normie-oriented, faster, and multiplayer focused. I went from buying every single title in these games to refusing to play any of them, because they basically did everything they could to make me dislike the actual experience.
  3. I am only interested in playing single-player and mission-based co-op tactical FPS games. Most of the military/tactical games I see are in fact cheezy and spazzy and less realistic than the original Rainbow Six (for all its faults); however there are enough games out there that I've probably missed some good ones. So I'd like a game somewhere in the GRAW2 or Rogue Spear area of 'realism' and gameplay speed/type, but with a single-player focus or at least a single-player campaign that is worth buying the game for. Because I will literally never play MP PvP. Third person is also unacceptable, which is why I never play SOCOM.
  4. I do not think my computer is good enough to handle it, but consider my interested. I have been more-or-less disgusted at the state of former Red Storm properties that came out after GRAW2, and most of the 'military' shooters I've seen are arcade-y spazz fests - not to mention mutiplayer incentives make the game even more unrealistic than stupid AI, IMO, players will do things that real people never would and it makes the whole thing ridiculous in my view. As you might have gleaned from that last sentence, I am not a fan of PvP MP at all. I just won't play it, for any game, I do not enjoy it. So as interesting as this game sounds based on who made it and their goals if this game does not have strong single-player and co-op it just ain't going onto my hard drive (even when I get a new computer that can run this stuff).
  5. "Don't pirate an unsupported game with no online multiplayer from 11 years ago created by a studio whom 90% of the staff have been fired!" LULzy mod ass-covering. Condone it or not, literally no one cares and they can use DuckDuckGo like anyone else. People who take muhIP seriously are a vanishing minority on the internet, and most of them are welfare whores who depend on IP-protectionism for their inflated salaries; and nobody else cares what they think. Y'all are screwed if you want this to end. Like every child to middle-aged man I know, including business professionals, torrent stuff constantly. It's easier, often, even if the money isn't an issue, and since nobody likes media companies nobody cares if they make money. Also since whoever has the license isn't offering it for sale anywhere their objections would likely be met with 'Go F* Yourself, B*', and rightfully so. If one of the ex-GRIN or UBI employees wants to complain he can come to my house, and I will punch him in the face and give a DRM-free copy to everyone in the neighborhood to celebrate his broken nose. Literally 0 F*s to give about the IP police and their lackeys. I mean, 'no offense' and all, but this is literally the response you are going to get from anyone who was planning to download/copy/crack this unfindable game. It would be hilarious if you expected any other response, as it shows total detachment from gamer culture.
  6. I know the game has a few statistics for the weapons, but I am wondering if there is a breakdown somewhere of the various PC/SP guns and what their strengths/situational utility are. The game seems fairly realistic as far as how weapons behave so I am assuming that (like Rainbow 6 or Ghost Recon) that most rifles can be used interchangeably. In fact I discovered that in SP Rainbow Six 2/3 that using a sniper rifle was almost a waste, as an M16 or AUG had plenty of range and accuracy to hit anything in those tiny levels. But GR/AW/2 have a lot larger levels and it seems like sniper rifles are more functional there.
  7. I am finally getting around the playing GRAW2, the last legit Red Storm/Tom Clancy game IMO, and there is already something I find obnoxious and completely unnecessary: there is no way to restart a mission from the planning phase. Apparently only one other person on the internet has noticed this idiotic decision/lack of options, and he was told to load old saves. In his case he had deleted them. In my case, I did not. Guess what? The first ing save still goes to the beginning of the mission after the planning phase. So the only way to EVER restart that mission at Planning is to restart the entire campaign or use someone else's save games. What in the were they thinking when they decided to make such a glaring omission and why didn't they ever fix it? Why hasn't someone else modded this into the game? This lack is so stupid, and will irritate me so constantly, that I am just going to hack the game to make all levels unlocked as I would just as soon not play it as deal with that sort of nonsense.
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