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  1. Ground Branch is the answer you are all looking for. I think Ground Branch as the Original Ghost Recon but with visual steroids that doesn't differ much from actual OGR gameplay.
  2. Yes they are evil! They won't allow modding because if they did there would be nothing to buy at the Ubishop as people would just make all these mods themselves and distribute them which means no money in Ubisoft's pockets.
  3. I'm having issues as well. When I unzip all the content using 7zip it indicates that the .exe has an error in it. I can't get it to install/run. I have tried multiple Compatibility settings but still no go. Perhaps can someone please send me the .exe file or upload it here? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Let me say first off that Ground Branch by BFS has been in my sights of PC games for many many years and it is finally coming into fruition after years laying dormant. The guys at BFS are alive and plugging away at their title Ground Branch and it looks better and more bad ass than ever has. In my humble opinion it is the best FPS out there. Is it still being worked on? Yes! Is there still some bugs that have to be fixed?, Definitely! but the main game is there and is a heck of a lot of fun and many of my friends have had solid enjoyment out of it. The best way I can describe the g
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