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  1. Hi everyone. Dont know if theres anyone around from the real old days. I started out with PBC later to become MWH.  Im Rowdee. Anyone from that era still hanging round? I lost my discs years ago and I just finished DLing thru Steam and Im busy setting up mods. Got some help on that. Installing for Steam is a bit different. Anyway, Just living in the past.

  2. Back for more. I went ahead and got the Steam versions of all three. Now, will mods work in these versions? I tried to dl and install HX5 and it wont install. Some kind of error. Same with a couple others that Im trying to use. Im hoping theres a way to do this. Im looking round for an old XP system I can maybe set up and use too. Always loved this game. Love to be able to play some firefight.


  3. Hi guys. Rowdee here from the old days. I got a gold copy of the original and installed it and Im trying to get it to run in compatibility mode on a Win 10 computer. Just doesnt seem to want to work in any mode. From 98 to Vista. Any ideas here? BTW, I was PBC back in the day with Buddha, Rock and those guys. Yeah, way back there.

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