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  1. is this still going? RussiaGhost seemed to be making good headway in progress I am much more experienced in modelling and skinning, however i will have to learn all the tagging and lighting paramters or pass the geometry and textures off to someone, but can build very Top-Notch Maps.
  2. Hi, new here... @pz3: Can you do a "Getting Started Map Building" for either 3ds max 5 or any version of Max (I'm using 2016 ATM, but have the trial version of 5 gathered from the "Heroes Unleashed" Mod via ModDb.com.) Map Scale, Texturing with .rsb, and Polygon Limitations, [Terrain, Prop and Vegetation Collision Primitives] and Vegetation Application and Poly-Limits, etc. would be very helpful. I am looking to build some maps from other games like R6 Siege, Rogue Spear, or HITMAN (2016).
  3. Thanks! I didn't want to hijack i just have no clue where to start witrh the requirements, and poked my nose in here becuase the OP obviously has a clue Sorry, i will start a new discussion, and i invite anyone interested in seeing new maps with higher resolution geometry and HD Textures in OGR!
  4. Hi, seems i'm late to this awesome party... BUT, i have 17 years experience in 3ds max and photoshop, crazybump and Mudbox (not applicable here) and I've used Igor before loooong time ago. Just bought Ghost Recon again (Broke the disc years ago)) and since i'm getting old and i'm retired, decided to google "What is the maximum texture resolution for Ghost Recon Map Mods" and this topic popped up! I am currently willing to create RainbowSix Siege Maps from scratch in 3ds max (i have 2016* [*edit] and the trial version of 3ds max 5 (From Heroes Unleashed downloaded via ModDb), so it wo
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