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  1. All I can really say is that this is really frustrating. I felt a little shafted when they just threw gr2 out on consoles despite it gaining most of it's fame on pc. But I still play my GR1 damn near daily, if not for hours at a time! Other games have come and gone, but thanks to the outstanding efforts of the modding community my attention has never fallen from GR1. Anyway, I figured in the end I'd be disappointed with GR2, but didn't figure that it would be due to it being scrapped. Part of this is my own understanding of what this situation was. I was under the impression that the two versions of GR2 essentially paired of. X-box and PC were gonna get one storyline while PS2 and Gamecube got another. I can say that I did like GR2 on playstation 2, but it wasn't the GR2 I wanted. It was too limited. One loadout and you'd better pick it right. And just the shabby selection of weapons for it were enough to let me down. The third person view wasn't as big of a disaster as I'd expected, but losing the ability to load a member with a vital piece of kit and use it when the A.I. won't, like when it is still firing pistol rounds at the tank instead of the bloody AT! what allowed me to put GR2 down so fast. I haven't seen the x-box version run, but I'm interested since most of what was in all the commercials wasn't on my PS2 version. Anyway, if worst comes to worst, maybe we'll get lucky with an armed rebellion at UBI! Maybe RSE will scream for insurrection! I'm willing to keep plugging away with GR1 and mods until something appears for PC. But I'm a skeptic at this point. It's back to UBI and RSE now, and they have the responsibility to make it happen. We want GR on PC! Finally, maybe if it really is oppression from above, the dev team might want to think about going their own way to release what the GR community wants. If that means leaving RSE and UBI and starting on your own, like I believe happened with members leaving the Medal Of Honor franchise and making Call Of Duty, then that should be kept in mind!
  2. Nice skins. I wish my idea of bored was this productive!
  3. Chems, Please keep this mod up! Everyone but BajaBravo has seemed to overlook the SBS so far! There's tons of Navy SEAL mods out there, but nobody really seems to think of the SBS. If memory serves, which it often doesn't, you mentioned a special forces follow up to the British Infantry mod that was supposed to be SAS and SBS. Is this incorporated into that or has it all fallen out. Hell, I cannot really complain. You've put so much out there lately I don't know where you find the time. Either way, I'd love to run around as a member of the SBS. Those guys are outstanding. If you need a wee kick in the name of inspiration then read "Black Water" by Don Camsell. It's a good look into the SBS, and gives an extra insight as to why they'd be great for a winter mod too!!!
  4. Does anyone know what's happened to Aus_viper? I loved Op Stabilise and he was working away on another mod that was supposed to take place in Iraq! I even have the link to his webpage, but it doesn't come up with anything anymore! I'd hate to think that he's given up on this mod, but I haven't been able to find any reassurance. If anyone knows his status, or if you read this AUS, how about a clue? Maybe I just have an old link for your site, maybe you moved. This is the page I have in my favorites link http://www.nodnetwork.com/~aus_viper/ . Don't know, but I'm still wondering! Oh hell, just don't drop this mod. I've been waiting for it since you announced it!
  5. You're damn right I enjoyed it!!! I'll continue to enjoy the work of great GR modders like you until you guys leave me for another game. I'm all about playing other games, but I've yet to get something to keep my attention the way GR has. Not only a credit to the RSE team, but a major BOW to you modders. This game is great but it's grown into so much more because of dedicated modders like you! Most people wont work so hard for no money and just personal satisfaction and the positive feedback from the community!!! THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORT and the work of all the other modders that have kept GR alive!!!
  6. Not really sure how to go about this, but if a PJ is gonna help someone he needs to not only fight, but to render aid. I was thinking there needs to be a way for the team to move wounded troops. I'm racking my brain trying to remember what mod it was, but I do remember a piggyback run. Basicly the character picked up the other person and carried them, it dropped my characters kit to just a pistol. I remember it being on the Polling Center map, but cannot remember for the life of me what mod that was. Suicide Commando's been around though so he might be able to fill us in. Anyway, an escort type mission scenario would be cool. Like rescue the good guys. And then a member of your team has to carry them out. While typing this I think I might have flashed back to the right mod. You'd need to verify this, but I think that the mod I'm talking about was Operation Stabilise by AUS_Viper. Could be wrong though. I remember the replay actually showing my character carrying the other person on his back like a piggyback ride. So it can be done, and probably adjusted to a fireman's carry, or possible even a harness where maybe a two man team could drag a wounded soldier or for that matter put in a stretcher. Sorry to go off on such a tangent, but the thought struck me, and I figured I'd share! Either way, Keep up the good work, the screens look great!!!
  7. I've been quietly following this mod for a long time, and I wish I could help you guys with the scripting. I really did try my hand at scripting, but it didn't work out. Couldn't even get all of my team to start in the same spot on the map. By the time I figure IGOR out everyone will have moved to GR2. Anyway, there's plenty of talent out there so someone needs to pick up the torch and carry on the race. Hmmmmmm, start hounding Giwex and see if you can get him to help talk Jack 57 into a comeback. He's still at the top of my list for mission scripting, but Sixpence and the guys that did Alpha mod are all really good. GR is all about teamwork so see if any of these guys will help you out! And for all of you other great scripters out there, sorry. I can't remember every name. But I did notice some posts from Sixpence on this thread so he's apparently got some interest in your work and might be willing to contribute!!!
  8. First thing, I never stumbled across the lack of AT, Maybe I was using a specialist with more AT or a weapons pack or something. I was pretty into using SOTO's scout sniper mod at the time. Second of all, I had my ###### handed to me a few times on this mission. Proud to say that I'm a member of both your download figures. V 1 + the patch. Great mod. Especially for the first attempt. As for more mods to look at. One of my all time favorite mods so far is Operation Stabilise. It's a healthy chunk to download, especially if your grounded in 56k hell like I am. But it's worth a look. And Giwex is dead on in the one's he listed. I still patiently wait for Jack 57 to make a comeback! But Blackarion is great with his mods too. If you're into single player campaigns I suggest picking up Alpha Mod! I've been plugging away on that one since I got it, can't bring myself to leave it alone . Might have something to do with the fact that it's kicking my teeth out continously!
  9. Certainly, I will always welcome a throwback to the old days of G.I.Joe! If you've got it lets have it. Especially if Snakeye is on there Anyway, you've got all sorts of cool skins to work on if you release G.I. Joe updates. Personally I have to say that I was pretty glad to see Tunnel Rat make it as a specialist in the original Cobra Attacks. But as for the original subject of this thread. G.I. Joe was never overlooked, Cobra Attacks was one of the first mods I ever downloaded. And that was about two years ago. But it's always fun to keep the idea alive. A good mission idea for you guys though would be a dock patrol. Use characters like "Law" (I believe he was the mp) and then you could skin cobra EELs as the attacking force. Like a mod where you defend the subs from demo!!! But Skins like Recondo and Hit & Run would be cool too!
  10. I didn't have any problems with this mod, but I was using it with UTBS, and I for some reason the Oasis mission will not end for me. I killed everyone in the oasis and patrolled the map four times to make sure I wasn't missing anyone after I killed the reinforcements. But the extraction will not go through. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the fact that I lost a man assualting the oasis or if there's just a problem with the extract. Nothing is posted about a failed mission if a character dies. Besides, it never gave me a mission failure it just wouldn't do anything about the getaway!
  11. Great SCOT! It just keeps bloody well getting better! Love the mod guys. And it definitely was worth all of my personal frustration. The patience just adds to the reward now that I have it.
  12. Yeah, even in GR there's at least one good woman behind the man to support him. My boss downloaded this in less than twenty minutes and brought it into work for me on a cd. Talk about a nice support section. So away I go to explore this mod!
  13. S.O.B. my laptop is on the fasttrack for a two story chuck out of the bloody window. I've tried three times to download this mod. Each time it chews away at it for about four hours or so and then conks out. Tries to tell me it's done and only has half of the info. Bloody 56k modem. Damn this, oh well. I tried it the slightly patient way. Now I'll have to go all out and beg the girl at work with the cable modem to dl it for me. Damnation, having to crawl to the lovely ladies at work and beg for their help. Arggg, oh well, I guess I'll chuck in a few more mods that I haven't had a chance to get and make up for it. Or just hope that Fileplanet gets a link for it. They've yet to let me down on a mod. As long as I'll leave my puter conected they'll usually feed it to me in small doses. Oh well. I'm sure it'll be more than worth all this fuss. Ignore me and keep cracking on with great mods.
  14. Ouch, Eight hours for the download! Jeez. Oh well, I have absolute faith that it's worth my patience. Anyway, In about oh I don't know nine hours, I'll give you guys some feedback!
  15. Bloody hell! I'm such an impatient Gitt! Anyway, I'll live. Can't wait to see this mod release, well, on second thought, I guess I don't have a choice. Anyway, I can't wait to the see Osprey models! It all sounds great mate!
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