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  1. @PAREDIZE So the divide by zero patch is only intended to fix AMD hardware on Windows 10. As for your specific problem, it may be down to 'avcuf32' as stated in the GRAW2 exception log. A quick google search of 'avcuf32' leads to 'avcuf32.dll' which is a dll component of 'bitdefender'. So one possible solution would be to disable any antivirus application you have prior to running GRAW2. As for your system info --> go to 'Run' and type in 'SystemInfo' . Note down the - System specs- Current´╗┐ Windows version and build If you have an Intel-based machine or are runni
  2. Can you please provide the following: - Hash of graw2.exe - Current version of Graw2.exe - System specs - Current Windows version and build
  3. I'm certain this person is between 8-12 years old. It would be both surprising and sad if they weren't.
  4. Oh...It seems to work for me. I've uploaded the patch to Mega. https://mega.nz/#!dgYDwYSA!eIqQzVI4bKtvPOMYICwilfcLXuHVq1LzQi58phBa1v8
  5. I've only fixed graw2.exe, not graw2_dedicated.exe. Anyways, I've attached the graw2_divide_zero_patch. Enjoy! graw2_divide_zero_patch.zip
  6. I too have the same PC specs. This is an interesting coincidence. CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: GTX 1080ti OS: Windows 10 x64 Professional |Version: 1709 | OS Build: 16299.248 RAM: 32gb 2933mhz SSD: 950 Evo Pro M.2 1Tb Anyways, I have managed to get Graw2 working on my PC. Just need to develop a patch.
  7. Crash in application version: 0.3048 Unhandled exception - divide by zero (integer) C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ntdll (???) : RtlRestoreLastWin32Error ntdll (???) : RtlDeactivateActivationContextUnsafeFast uxtheme (???) : IsThemeBackgroundPartiallyTransparent USER32 (???) : AddClipboardFormatListener USER32 (???) : EndTask USER32 (???) : EndTask
  8. I am also having this problem. I am trying to resolve this issue at the moment. Note: It does work in Windows 7 X64.
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