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  1. yeah Grin, I really enjoy the game. I guess I have to get that ram asap. thanks for all the other advices guys.
  2. yeah...i have 512Mb of ram. damn. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi everyone. I just got the game and started playing a few days ago and I have a question to make (a stupid one I guess ). When I zoom in the sight gets pretty unstable. Is there a way to stabilise it? Did I miss something on the manual? Any help is grateful. Cheers
  4. where can this mod be downloaded?
  5. Cool jay... I guess i'm speaking for a lot of GR fans when I say "thanks for keeping GR alive!" ... and a big thanks to all the people involved too, as this is a teamwork. Can't wait fot the mod.
  6. Another question: should I replace the older Mp1 folder? Thanks
  7. I'm sorry... my brain seems to have stopped In wich directory should I install this mission? Thanks.
  8. Somebody wakes me 'cause this must be a nightmare!!! This can´t be happening! Chems, buddy, work your magic and get through this, ok? Pleeeeaase!! There are people willing to kill to get their hands on this mod (me, me.. ). Keep us informed
  9. Can anyone please name migryder´s mods so I can download them? I´m afraid I don´t have any of his mods! Thanks in advance. Cheers
  10. You´re a genius croc I´m looking forward to put this in my pc... he´s hungry Keep up the good work
  11. Hi Chems, I´ve been away from the forums for a couple of months and I thought that by now the mod would be already released! For my surprise it hasn't! Finnaly I have some free time now and I thought "what the hell am I waiting for? It's time to kill some nasty bugs !!" The thought was perfect, but the reality was tough and cruel I haven't read all the posts since I was gone but I see that you were/are in exams season. I hope you're doing fine (I'm sure you are )! I have seen your latest work too... superb! I know you don't like people to be constantly asking when will the mod be released, but since I've never asked , when do you think it will be ready? I apologize in advance if you have already aswered this question to anyone. Cheers, Port
  12. BTW, about the other two mission that weren´t included in this mod (wich reason is understandable), I agree with the patch idea but I know who I would like to see making another two missions for this mod No, I'm not going to say who he is... just a hint, the name beggins with JACK and finishes with 57 Does this ring a bell? Cheers
  13. I've finished the first mission 2 days ago (I haven't had the time to play since then) and it looks perfect The new vehicles are very good and the mission was pretty cool. To everyone who have contributed to make this mod possible: CONGRATULATIONS
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