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  1. You could call council in and smoke them out. We used to have a wasp nest in our chimney, Every year the queen would come back, and the rest of them would follow her. So was really bad in summer as they would fly down the chimney and you'd have a living room full of them whilst you were watching tv, or eating - not good So called council in, smoked them out. Never came back since. And didn't cost a penny Plus they cant annoy us now even if they did come back, redecorated and the fire place is gone and plastered over
  2. What would you, or everyone for that matter, like then? co-op missions?
  3. Are you sure your motherboard accepts PC3200 memory? Theres different types. I'd check your motherboard packaging/manual etc just to be sure.
  4. That show was on tv once, i remember seeing something about how they built a 'fake street' and had a car burn round it with loads of 'baddies' chasing him. They are all highly modified cars. But just cars and incredibly skilled drivers none the less. The one on tv though had a lot more jumps in on the ramp, and iirc some 2 wheel on the side past each other malarky. Cool Stuff!!
  5. I used to have two sticks of 512Mb memory in my computer, but its kept restarting all the time, and everything would crash. So i spent ages taking everything out and testing stuff, swapping graphics cards, motherboard batteries, power supplies. Turned out to be one of the sticks of memory. Worked fine with just the other in. But then i only had half the memory, so i nicked two sticks of 256Mb out of my bro's computer and im now back to my gig but as for buying memory, i would try crucial.com. I got some for my powerbook from, works brilliant, quick and well packaged delivery to UK, good price. Worth a look.
  6. theres also an orange and black snake to the lower left, beind the menu's
  7. well i bought island thunder off of amazon marketplace for £3.59 including delivery. Installed it, completed it and been playing online on xfire flr a few days now. really enjoying it, missed it, its good fun. do any of you play on xfire? and if so, whats your username - i'll add you to my friends list and we can have a game sometime
  8. Hey, got a few bits and bobs im wanting to get rid of if anyone is interested. Got a new shape slimline black ps2 with 1 controller and memory card, fully boxed with all the cables and information booklets. Mint condition, hardly ever used. Comes with mint metal gear solid 2 and 3 games, along with the big offical guides for both. Looking for around £65 for the lot. I'll even throw in a bar of chocolate Also got Project IGI, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (original boxed version - not dvd case), and Tommy Whites 2 Cueball games for PC. £2 each. All mint condition. And last but not least Imperial Glory game, this is for the mac (or apple), looking for a fiver for this one. --- Nearly forgot - anyone collect warhammer 40K pieces? got a few bits of space marines left, tank etc and a big black warhammer case up for grabs. And not forgetting if you own a bmw mini, my brand new and boxed silver viper stripes are still for sale. Genuine BMW item. Think thats everything [moved to the existing Market Place thread]
  9. tryed xfire but its no good. cant find any servers that have players in and no mods - or ones that dont have mods but require island thunder which i dont have
  10. Thanks, i'll give xfire a shot. what game is most people here playng online now then? graw?
  11. Hello hello, long time no see. not been on here for ages, but recently dug out my old decrepid computer and started playing some games again. Found ghost recon, started playing single player missions. Still love it! fantastic game! Thought i would download gamespy and have a whack at multiplayer, just like the good old days..... but there's no-one on, not a single person. Does no-one play GR 1 anymore? or no-one use gamespy anymore? When i left it it had a thriving community of people running around with SA80's and OICW's plastering each other and redecoracting the maps with spent shells and blood. Now i can only run around on my own in co-op games... whats happened to muliplayer GR1? Has the newer games taken away all the original games players?
  12. Were guna have a fight on our hands now, a gr game - Pre-hack members via the post-hack members. Im pre-hack....so bring it on Posty's!! ahem...anywayz...
  13. Brilliant work Nice colouring and lighting Not to be nit-picky though, but to make it look even more realistic i would remove or change the colour of the text on the wheels to white/light grey. Too much red can give it away; like inside the wheel arches Also, if you look on the carbon fibre-ish lower left hand side of the front bumper you will see a reflection of the bumper, including a small orange line, giving away the cars original colour
  14. 1 GBP is currently equal to 1.93749 USD, thus $20p/h USD would mean £10.32p/h GBP. If the math is correct.
  15. Here's the link for the Splinter Cell book over at amazon.co.uk
  16. WOW! Sorry guys i've been on holiday for last week. Got back yesterday morning. Wow! Thanks! All the sigs are amazing! Excellent work! Cant wait for the judges decisions Thanks again
  17. Velocity

    Sig Award #20

    I will have an entry up here soon. Also ZJJ, i will be pm'ing you shortly with some ideas for Sig Awards themes, maybe some of them will be useful.
  18. I currently use Safari. Pretty damn good actually
  19. Velocity

    Sig Awards #19

    Great job guys, well done
  20. Listen to the voices.... Go get him a mac.... Go get him a PowerBook G4.... Go on.... You know you want to.... Their brilliant, go get one
  21. My birthday this year is on a thursday - Student Night YAY! Oh, and i think my 60th birthday is also on a thursday - YAY!! Student Night!
  22. ^^ Has a thing for sheep, based off his last post
  23. If i were to have that car in England it would cost me an absolute fortune to insure because of its size - 2.3L 16V. I was quotted from one company over £3000 just for a 1.4L 16V clio, godknows what it would be for that Good luck with the car though, be safe
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