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  1. Disk space is no issue as far as I'm concerned.
  2. That's exciting. Pump those textures up! 😁
  3. I chose a bad night to work late!!! Looking forward to checking it out Apex!
  4. Bummer if people have issues with mods that size (storage is getting real cheap nowadays). I, for one, am all for more...more...more. I have the internet and storage space to take on whatever you throw at me.
  5. This is great news! Long time lurker, that used to have an account way back in 2001. I just saw Ghost Recon + expansions on sale on steam - although I still had the GR disc in my computer - I snagged the digital copies to make sure I have them for as long as steam is around. Also remembered the last time I played (a few years ago) I used HU and loved it. Was pleasantly surprised to stop by here and see 1.0 is coming soon!!! I'm getting GR steam version installed and I'll be ready to play once you drop 1.0! Thanks for all your work Apex, it allows me to keep coming back to my all time favorite game with a fresh look.
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