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  1. Hello, MM

    to number 3, there are not command maps in the original far cry. What we call Command Maps for OE are really grid maps ( to be more actuarate) . The choice was made to allow the player to still remain mobile even if the map is up.

    The other method that was available was to make the map a menu. The upside is the menu will be interactive, and allow you to send out "commands" and the other features we all loved so much from GR. The down side is, that you must exit the menu before being able to move your soldier again.

    If the Menu method is used, it is entirerly possible to create a Command Map.

    with the right coding a player should even be able to add way points, ect..


  2. "They never got in contact?"

    Wll thing is I am a "bit" out of the loop. Ive been very busy the last 4 or so months and don't get a chance to talk to the guys often. It may sound odd but i normally hear about things the same time you do.

    Currently I am just trying to get one last feature working. Then im moving towards my next project. I would love to continue to work on OE but going back to school has ment I have to shift my focus. Ill definatly still play (like i actually get to play any games at all any more), but i need to work on projects that are more ground up so that i can aquire more well rounded experience.

  3. "I'm minorly competent "


    sorry but i had to, at least it came from me.

    I would look very forward to an SP component, and that is definatly "doable" since you can assign AI to be friendly, and you can give them "orders".

    the question is with out character rescources it would take a mighty crafty scripter to come up with a campaign that would use the stock assests.

    SP can be done, and the Grid Maps in OE can be modified into a menu (was originally an option, but i wanted players to be able to move while looking) that a player could use to give waypoint commands.

    For SP all the "commands" that can be sent via the "commander' AI can be sent to you squad mates AI with relitive ease. The real difficulty would be custom orders.

  4. a thread is a sinlge processes running.

    thats about the shortest way i can describe it.

    when programming a coder can have different functions run on different threads.

    so as an example

    the sound, physics, renderer, ect.. can all be run on different threads allowing them to do there work with out "waiting" on each other. They will just do there thing seperatly. (at the same time)

    or all of that can be run in the same thread where one will have to finish then move onto the next.

    this is a bit oversimplifying it but a descent gist.

  5. "I do hope nvidia or somebody else provides software to use the both cores, it must be duable to do so...."

    Depends if there are willing to deal with threading. Most new engines will take advantage of multithreading to some extent.

    though having a dual core it really shouldnt matter, if the game is threaded if your running other apps (odd that is is still effecting you). I currently use a simple HT and can run many apps and a game with no issues at all. (FC [windowed] and other things).

    you know just to double check with some of you hardware freak's.

    Dual cores run off good old threads right? or is there something new in use?

  6. "Done anything (if you're capable of doing anything, of course) to optimize it? The FC NV really drug down my computer. "

    Yes, the current implamentation of night vision runs better that the original heat vision (or the NV version).

    Current night vision doesnt actually use a shader (i have never seen, nor had i figured out how to get external screen effect shaders to function in far cry (they are hard coded, not scripted). It is a scripted screen effect that will work equally reguardless of hardware (unlike the FC heat vision)

    This night vision drops in performance with the number of active dynamic lights in the sceen (not all dynamic lights in FC are actually "dynamic".) However not unreasonably.

    the one downfall is it does not seem to scale evenly to the high end cards. (they will actually see a greater performance % hit due to FC choosing to use "dynamic" lights instead of precalculated lights.

    but i never really tested it across to great of a spread of hardware so the perfoormance is likely to very somewhat.

  7. For SP mods you will really want to check out Matto's work.

    You can find a list of mods at www.crymod.com and at far cry headquarters. Most are just levels with missions, it is time consuming to make a mission on this engine and the community is much smaller than what we have come to enjoy here at GR.net.

  8. there are some really funny typo's so im leaving them.

    *It may still not be the problem

    *Unless you have installed the 64 Version of FC you wont need the 64bit patch.

    im still chuckling, at least i hope im not the problem, if so sorry bout that CTD thing, i ment to make it skip every third frame.

  9. at one time it was very common to see this come from the anti piracy gunk that comes in FC. It did not happen to every one with burning software, but happened to many. I may still not be the problem.

    the 64bit patch that came out is for the 64bit version of FC that has to be downloaded seperatly. Unless you have installed the 64 patch to FC you wont need the 64bit patch.

    Unfortunatly there are just to many reasons that FC crashes to list.

  10. i been hearing this and hoping the community would do it for ... well a long time.

    dispite that i have heard good things about there new shader based engine i wouldnt suggest that engine.

    it takes a very long time to make a good game. even longer if its part time.

    the community has the rescources, but i dont think they have the will. I have only seen a few of the big community contributers wish to try.

  11. WK i take back all the bad things i said about you.

    (im just kidding, ive never actually said bad thigs about you, but you get the idea)

    i have to say after seeing that im gonna buy a cool refreshing coke classic tonight.


  12. "...then it will finish pc gaming. "

    untill all platforms have reached a mature state ( capable of truley processing every thing a designer wants in real time ) PC will remain in the loop. as the casual console gaming market grows at a greater rate than PC gaming. We will become more of minority players, but we will have a spot.

    but in the end, with PC makers, software venders, and console makers pushing for a "multimidia center" system, there will come a time when i plug my wireless mouse and "gaming keyboard" into my media system, hook that up to my hdtv and dont look back. ill just put it all in my office instead of the living room, and stencil PC on the side of it.

    but that is all very far off, my pc feels about as threatened as a rottweiler.

  13. was just looking at he windows in the buildings, notice the top floor windows.

    street polls look 8 sided.

    well i sure would like it if next gen looked like this. especially the lighting.

  14. could be prozac, i dont see the aliasing from rendering. They also have the camera just far enough away from the models to give it that photo look.

    if i where to take a guess i wouls say that could be done in a few years, and with HD and the new processing power of X2 who knows.

    they are excelent screen, i realy like the sublte shadows, and the details in peoples faces.

  15. "Is ATi capable of HDR lighting?"

    not hardware supported. it can be done in other ways though on the ATI cards.

    you can download the Crytek demo "the project" from ATI to see an example of the HDR effect on an ATI card.

  16. "There are no ATi cards taht support shader model 3.0 at this time. "

    true, but the only SM 3.0 feature was the HDI. It disapoints me owning this game and an x800 that they chose to do this only for the Nvidia cards.

    when i had the choice between nvidia and ATI, the positives really wieghed heavy on the ATI x800. Since its a laptop i had to take the extra overhead of the hardware sm 3.0 into account, with most games not even fully supporting sm2.x.

    in the long run the nvidia is a better choice for games aimed at realease in roughly 3 years ( long past the life of the x800, and just in time to buy a new laptop. )

    but that all is really pointless to say i guess.

    im just very disapointed with this not showing up on ATI hardware, since it is perfectly capable of all but the HDR, and it can be "faked" very well on the X800.

    "Have nVidia done something new?"

    nah the x800 performs better on sm less than 3.0 since there is no native hardware support for 3.0. for current games nvidias hardware overhead cost them performance , but in the end it looks like a decent move.

  17. im all for add on modules. they same money for both gamer and developer.

    less cost more profit.

    ive as well seen this trend but dont understand it very well, as it doesnt make any sence unless it is not in the over all bussiness structure.

    for me, and maybe im alone. and ill use red storm as an example even though it may not apply to there engine.

    i would be very happy purchasing one game engine. and the rest being add on modules.

    even if the module is a racing game as opposed to an expansion. it saves me money, and it saves the devs money. on top of that it can support brand loyalty as there is less need to use a different developers game, if you can get a similar game at a lower cost from the group that made the core engine.

    i hope this treand id just that , and that in the future more publishers and developers embrace a " module" add on approach.

    if red storm were to make a fun racing game, and is was just a "plugin" to what i already have i would be happier. and never have a need to search through the net or local store for a racing game.

    i as well as most other consumers are much more likly to impulse buy a product at 20 bucks and take a chance on it than to drop 50 bucks.

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