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  1. "Is there going to be a FarCry 2?"

    Both Crytek and Ubi give the no comment on that. They also wont comment about the "rumoured" Far Cry Expansion. I do look forward to the future of FC though, i think it will be nice.

    However Crytek has a strong background in supporting FC. They have made some mistakes, but for the most part we can see there intensions are good.


    1.2 (bad patch)



    Crytek Unofficial tournoment map pack.

    1.32 (bad patch)


    CryMod C++ SDK (released last week)

    and they have mentioned there commitment to further support of the community and the game.

  2. That is not Far cry being demo'ed. Simply because it is an outdoor environment.

    Dannik, they are no longer developing CryEngine1 other than support updates. they have moved there engine development to CryEngine 2.

    But its cool if you dont believe it. I can see where your coming from.


    since they are only showing a few new features and not the rewritten source behind it.

  3. "Um, that's not the "next generation" of the Crytek engine. That's merely the HDR update in action. A patch, nothing more. "

    yes, that is the current build of cryengine 2.

    it like most succesors are built on top of the previous version.

    there are numerous features that seperate it from cryengine 1. Crytek has already moved there engine dev over to CryEngine2.

    HDR was added some time ago.


    Currently all patched to cryengine 1 are just good support from crytek.

    though much of what is seen is camable of being done in the current Cry1, there are important differences.

  4. So i have a question.

    If you where to have the option to purchase a CD, what would you want to come with it? What kind of packaging? i.e. Typical box?

    Would you want a physical manual, of a PDF/html manual?

    would you prefer a DVD? multiple CD's ect?

  5. Well, if Roughly 50% support DD, then start with DD. Then after some funds have been recouped, offer a "box".

    If it does not do well, the loss can be buffered, by not moving forward to the boxing phase.

    The DD can be expressed as an initial offering or as a method to get the good quick to "early buyers".

    How long does it take from gold master to store shelves?

  6. Yes, i would buy a game via net. The majority of software i currently purchase is D.D. already.

    I would want a lower price, but only accuratly reflecting the difference in price of D.D. vs. traditional distrobution.

    I would pay the same price (if not more), if a got a cool coffee book/art book of the concept art.

    If it didnt come with a physical CD, i would expect to have a relyable method of backup. Eather burning a CD, of a secured user account. preferably the ability to burn a cd.

  7. "World exclusive buried down here in this thread... BlackFoot Studios is a licensee of the Reality Engine! "

    Still got my demo copy lying around, im keeping it for the memories.

    "Not me. I preach it every day and am even building my own company that way. "

    That is so wonderfull to see.

    "There will always be engine development out there and a new one comes out every week.... the trick is to get one that is feature rich, robust, stable and affordable enough for people to really use on a commercial scale. "


  8. "The minimum entry price for a commercial and up to date game engine is around $200,000 and can EASILY go to $900,000. Even the cost of making your own engine is very expensive when you calculate salaries and just plain time. Again, cost of entry."

    Tell me about it, im still disapointed over the loss of Reality. But there are others on the horizon. These engines, have been getting closer and closer in capability every year.

    But i think one thing we forget about, that using art creativly and cafefully can really cut down the bottom line. Not to mention a unique look. There are a large number of things a developer can do to reduce cost and dev time. The games industry has not yet reached the point where it has come to make or break in that arena (aka not matured).

    The issue ronin, eather way indie or not, someone will have to front money. Idie doenst mean cheap (much less expensive, in comparison.)

    At minimum, there must be sacrifice, and "balls" and determination.

    Personally, i truely believe that a small 8-10 man (or less) can produce a very good quality game in 1.5 to 2 years as of today. If and only if there is focus on efficiency.

    If not less. (not inluding developing an engine, this thought is based on the use of a commercial engine).

    Many disagree with me on this, but i feel i have one advantage in my thoughts. What i have seen called "efficient" is far from true efficiency. Its a nice thought at best (excluding design phases, some good some bad).

  9. as far as i see it, any market will posses two distinct groups, at a min.

    Those who buy Popular brands, and those who buy indie brands. As the game market gets larger, so does the portion of "indie" buyers. Reinforcing the ability for a distinct indie "sub" culture.

    There are already indie publishers. just run a google on "indie games".

    There is a lot of fun out there to be had. (mostly small games though).

  10. im just experamenting again rugg. I investigated the use of the FC Gui system for the use of a SP command map. Making the Download functions was a lot of "fun" but the polish up stuff gets way to boring so i took a few hours break.

    it turns out (as far as i can see) the the FC gui system doesnt allow for images to be moved around like i do in our Grid maps. with maps this size its just an important feature.

    so i checked out what i could do manually. it looks like it can be done by creating a custom GUI system from the base HUD functionality. of coarse thats a lot of ground work since it would be from the ground up. (on mouse over, on focus ect..)

    i have a few other experaments to focus on before i move to playing around again. there has been new light shed on previous design concepts that 'may' make them implamentable.

    but 'if' i where to experament with creating the framework for an in game SP full functioning command map (as a proof of concept) i would want to know what people want in one. That way i can make "just" whats needed.

  11. modding the first person weapon will depend on a few things model wise.

    is there animation system supportive of simply dropping in a new model? (IK)

    or does the animation have to be a part of the weapon it self.

    are the "weapon" animations a part of the soldier animation?

    meaning not seperate and blended.

    if you are able to see your body like they say you can is it a seperate model like traditional FPV or is it the real scene model with some camera tweaks.

    in all too many questions that would need answering.

    i guess we'll see.

    maybe a thread view can give a hint.

  12. ok they look nice but for goodness sake, HDR is not suppost to look like Acid trip Bloom. "real" HDR is subtle in all but the most extreme cases.

    If i wanted my games to look like a drug trip, id take drugs.

    I would say the screens look "awsome" but i cant see half of them since there washed out in HDR.



    I have only seen "bloom" like this once in my life. I was working in very low light, and a coworked opened the door to go outside on a very bright day. past the door a bit away there was a white 20 foot tall wall. This really "kicked" up the light going through the door, and they appeared to be swallowed by a bright white "bloom".

    hense extreme case.

    I may be alone or with many but this fantasy use of HDR is annoying, in a realistic game.

  13. well, i think the beta release has swamp airfield, and one other one (cant remember the name)

    then again i think it best for rugg to chime in as i dont run the release version.

    btw, hypathetically speaking (very hypatheticly speaking) what features/abilities would you guys want in a SP mission set up menu, and in an ingame Command map?

  14. well, jack i hope your still modding.

    we need the good guys to delute the pool of this new breed of modders out there.

    and i have good news, OE now has a nice new feature just "finished" that will make MP a little nicer.


    the hint is...

    they said it couldnt be done in far cry but it has been done and it is good (well 99%good)

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