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  1. yup, I checked. Almost checked again to make sure I read it right.

    edit: Yup I had to go back an double check again.

  2. "Something else to think about. Why would MS allow another development company access to something before they even start using it themselves? Vista is also supposed to use some DX10 components, but I may be wrong on that account. Figure that FSX has been in development for the better part of a year and with MS developing DX10, they can incorperate and test DX10 features as they build the game"

    Many developers are involved in the creation of this standard. MS has had an excelent history of including other developers to make sure that they produce the best API possible for their use. More than one or two games are being developed with dx10. It has nothing to do with MS getting DX10 fist.

    The focus of this 'first game' is a clear reference to what is expected to be the first game released using dx10 as it core api. (many engines will be dx8-10, some are dx10-9 as the engine above). I am well aware of the MS outlines for what they see as the future of PC gaming. Please do not take me as just some annoying fanboy who swares his cookies are the freshest. I take no side (because it really isnt that important in the long hual) in whether or not a game i am looking foraward to is the first of anything. Not to menthion I will be getting both these games, and (hopefully) loving every minute i play (hopefully).

  3. nice to see some screens. Makes me kind of excited


    Btw i was totally prepared to say no, its Crysis on CryEngine 2.0. Then I read the post. :D

  4. That is something that i've been discussing with folks lately. Just as games are takning up more resources, mods are following suit. Its no longer a 1000 poly modle (not that that is easy) and a texture map. Now it is 2000-5000 with diffuse,normal and specular maps. Not to boot the high poly model used for creating a good normal map. People are no longer (on average there are great exemtions) wanting a few new gun models, and maybe a mission (now you can see the exemption). Instead modders have to take on the role of amature game developers using a 'free' engine, and some of the original games assets. Kind of reminds me though what was so great about modding GR (of coarse i moved to a new engine for the same reason, well that and scott micheal syndrome). I could sit down and just make a fun mission for the squad to polay. No one expected the next big thing. I could just have fun, oh the memories.

    pz as the core modders yeah thats about it. A good number came and went, but the dcore modders involved where few. Heck ive been in a cave now for what 9 months, and that doesnt help much.

    You know i think that is what i respect alot about modders like PZ. They do it for the fun. I do it cause...

  5. Kurtz that really depends on the resources and amount of work a mod team is willing to do. I can say with considerable certainty that this is not the case with cryengine. Just like in game dev, you'll have to create your own methods of doing the features you want. FC's code base (cry engine) Has one of the most advanced squad based AI systems available to date. It is more that capable of character swapping, Command maps, fancy high tech or low tech huds. I will state the limitations it 'currently' has with coop. Crytek ran out of time before they could fully implement it. So it will be up to the modders finishing the net updates for ai in the released source code SDK.

    But for the average modder, on the average engine, with an average game, I agree with you.

    In the case of the Mod i worked on, what stopped us was our limited resources. Not the engines ability to do so.

  6. "If we were to develop an expansion pack - what would you like to see in it?"

    a bit early to try and say what i would want to see. If the screen shots are any indication i would like to see an expasion focusing in on the mountains and forests or Mexico. The forest is a prime visual reason i picked up GR1. Higher value contrast, though i guess i could just tweek my screen. (based on screen shots). Replays if possible. I would like to see Micheal die in the end :), but probly not gonna happen. Other than that i really would have to wait and play the game a few times, and get to know her better.

  7. Yes this has been on my must watch list. It is good to see they have aquired the funding to push it further.

    To me, this is the kind of game project that shows what a few folks with a passion and the will to sacrifice can create. So far, even though they have shown very little the engine is turning heads. To see their goal of making it opensource/affordable to indies is really awaome.

    For those of you who have not seen this, and enjoy new game technology and game design being pushed to the limits this is a game o check out. Oh and there artists are awsome.


    You know one of the things that really catches my eye with this is the sence of excitment in the 'gameplay' footage. It just feels good to watch you want to see him just leap into action. If the trailer is any indication (normally isnt, but who expected this sleeper anyway) this is going to be an great game and very pleasing to the eye.

  8. "With the price of games today you really need a demo to help you decide if you want to spend $50 or $60 on some of these new releases"

    $50 to $60 is not that bad, anyone here remember $60-$80 dollor cartriges? And not all games cost that price. There is still varience in the market place.

  9. Unfortunatly cheating is one of those un accounted for statistics. From my experience, as cobblers said you just cant give all your trust to people you dont know. Even in my classes (game design) I walk by and watch people hacking. Its really sad.

    some folks do it once, some are cronic. Most have pride in there game.

  10. Okay, this actually kinda gets on my nerves. I have seen a number (that number is small but its the point that counts) of games get nocked down in the reviews because they have "classic" FPS gameplay. That is the point of the game, its not a mistake or oversight. They are making classic gameplay. This is very much the same as giving an Isometric game a 10% because it is "So 2d". The game is Quake, thats just what it is. It looks good and shoots fast.



  11. well lets get down to it.

    Okay, we tested this at a Lan event early in OE beta and saw this as an issue. (far cry's issue)

    Different people have had to deal with this in different way. (thank goodness for consistancy huh.)

    If FC is installed on a non C drive, and changing the startup path does not resolv the issue. First try (odd but worked) installing OE on the C drive. just strait on the C drive, not in program files.

    If that does not work, install it in program files.

    If that does not work, buy plane ticket to Germany and through CD at Developer. While doing this scream "Its called HomePath!".

    If you continue to have issues please contact me directly, if my email is not in my profile PM me and i will send it to you. We will find a solution that works good for you.


    If Far Cry cannot find the requested Mod it will return to FC, that is why you are seeing standard FC loaded. The Mod loading code is in the C++ (cant remember if its in the SDK or not) but its a touch outside our control in lua.

  12. I loved GR, and started modding with GR. It has sent me down a great path.

    So... I have watched very closely for info on moddablity. Would be nice to come 'Home' after all.

    But I have seen nothing that srikes me as negative. They stated it will have a Sandbox Editor, and a scripting language. At worst im happy with that.

    I would love to hear some actual info on it, but I am just as content to wait. They have to have some level of efficientcy set up in the dev procces to get all this work done at a good speed. Maybe this stuff will have a trickle down.

  13. "Has anyone who has scripted with these tools / far cry .. give examples of scripting and what tricks can be done with making missions?"

    The Far Cry Sandbox Editor and scripting language Lua allow a gamer to create new maps and or missions. It does not work the same way GR did with its easy mission methods though. Come to think of it i do not recall any pure miisions having been released. Just map/missions.

    There is considerable power in the level of exposed code for making missions in Far Cry. This does come at a cost of a steap learning curve and greater complexity. It certainly is not a user fiendly 'language' like sytax like GR.

    This is a great trade off though for the mass of abilities that the scripting language offers.

    I would like to know if the scripting language will be thier own or if it will be a commonly used scripting language. It takes time to learn both the language and the functionality exposed to us. It would be nice and benificial if they coule prerelease some info reguarding this to allow us to get a head start on the learning curve.

    I hope that the way missions can be easily shared without having to distribute a map along with it stays from GR.

  14. The only thing that kinda bugs me is that there is one less "launch" title for 360.

    I dont mind waiting for stuff. So i guess i'll wait till feb for a 360.


    Partial sarcasm in post.... im not interested in GR for Xbox, i like that on my PC. But as a "console kiddy" as well as a PC gamers, I just keep wandering why should i buy a 360 at release if the games arent there?

    Oh look at my fancy "custom" cover on my new box... cant wait till they release good games for it in 4 months. Then i could pres that "crazy" little X button.

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