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  1. Looking forward to Crysis, the new video that has come out is exceptional.

    If its alright I would like to make one correction. Crysis is not a sequal to Far Cry, it is a new IP.

    Edit: It is odd though to see the Xbox 360 , since Crytek is not making it for the 360.

  2. "Im not bashing consoles. I have a PS2 and play some raceing games on it. However, I hate people saying they are diehard PC gamers but they love the console just as much or more. It just doesnt work that way. whats so hard to understand about this?"

    Thanks for sharing Tink. I think your very very wrong in this over blatent assumption. Who said a player can not be "hardcore" in both? A diehard pc gamer doesnt have to be blindly rejecting of being a hard core console gamer, or hand held gamer, or flash gamer, ect. He/she can be as diehard as they want about what ever they want.

    But your really not a hard core FPS gamer, you feel you are. You may be a diehard Tacsim FPS player, but there goes reading what we type again.

  3. ok this list is not complete and will incliude some movies.

    The art of final fantasy: the spirits within

    From Myst to Riven

    The art of Darkwatch

    Abe Oddisy (to lazy to get up and look at real title, or correct spelling)

    The art of Halo

    the gears of war art (if you can get it)

    ther are more, but i dont keep them in memory. Id have to ask some friends( they have a butt load).

  4. well maybe someone who read this can bring this up in a meeting or something, But I and i am sure a number of other fans would be interested in a coffe table book of the concept art. It is always amayzing to see the art that is create just to get the idea across before the game art is even made.

  5. im sure more screens and stuff will be coming out soon.

    Kinda glad i saved all the files.

    And guys the normal mapping was a play on symantics. It is used in non real time CG to speed up the rendering process. Even though most of the maps are produced on the fly and stored for lighting calculations, they are also not commonly done in tangent space. Its just quicker and cheaper to fetch textures than geometry. I was hoping we would get some googling going on, but that is really my issue as you would have to read up on the tech papers. Real time rendering differs as they use pre calculated tangent space normal maps for the purpose of expressing higher detail. Off line uses world space, full detail maps for the purpose of reducing render time.

  6. Ubisoft was a hastle to Crytek during and after the development of FC. They got a much, much better deal with EA.

    I think they made a move that is certainly best for their interest. They have better funding, and better control over delivering the goods they want.

  7. That is one of my favs on the net. Since I'm a Q.C. Guy I wanted the one on quality, unfortunatly the humor may get lost here.

    P.S. I thought the link said Demotivation hence the above non sence above. So you all at least no im not insane, here is a link.


  8. "You don't see any SSS in games"

    You know you are right about that, I havent seen subsurface in any published titles. But It is being done in real time. Ihave seen it in both tech demo's, game prototypes, ect.

    I think the point we are trying to make, is that it 'is' getting closer (albiet a moving target). It really doesnt matter what method is used or title that is given to an effect. The point is tricking the human eye. (speaking of "realism", no offence to many of the highly artistic games out there.)

    Please correct me, as I do not recall anyone saying here (yet) that :

    "that very soon games are going to be, or should be, like film."

    And might I ask how you are so sure you havent seen normal mapping in film? Sometimes its good to seperate the technique from the resolution of the results.

    P.S. Even though Crysis will be a bit sci fi, i look forward to playing it. Also once it is released having a chance to get in under the hood and do some modding. :santa:

  9. "I think the art is excellent. However, we're talking about the engine.. "

    Ok, then its pretty simple. D's comment was entirely accurate. The images show shading techniques that are much closer to OffLine CG rendering that they where in the previous engine.

    And a number of those shders do feature Raytracing at their core level. The big difference is they are one hit. For the cloud shading, im gandering two hits. Its pretty obvious they are using a form of HDR rendering in those images.

    But I think your breaking away from the point in the technicalities. This is not Physically correct rendering (dont recall a CG being so either). His post is about how good in look.

    It will take considerable horsepower before we reach that end. But in the mean time the point is (in CG or games) Does it look good? Does it look real enough?

  10. So now may I ask what you think about the "artistis" aspect of realism in those shots?

    What do you think is making other people think these are realistic. (symantics aside)

    I was going to avoid opinion, but if i look at those and compare them to other games i say to myself. Darn that looks like a photo.

    Now if i compare it to a photo, i punch my self for thinknig that.

    Now, sorry about sounding a little off the wall but...

    When I analyze those shots (same as other "realistic" renders) I tend to think that we are well tricked into the thought of realizm. So oddly part of my brain says it dead on realism, the other part goes nutz with all of the lighting errors and pure white specular.

    I mean if you where to ask my brain, i would swear i have been in a forest when it looked exactly like the photo (one split in half, left side). But pulling out the photo, meh.

  11. Im not trying to insite anything, but I would like to hear more of your thoughts on what the noticable differences of CG and RT rendering?

    Is there something about the image that look 'fake'? Or do you go by the technical methods of the rendering?

  12. :unsure:


    After a minute, I remembered seeing one of those (not one of those guys, but something that looked like that) While out to dinner a month back. I just thought it was one or two guys who where dressed by the back street boys. But now I fear there are more.

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